5 Ways To Get Support As a Parent

by Sarah Scoop
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Parents often put the needs of their family before their own. We spend so much of our time making sure our kids are OK that we can easily forget to check if we’re OK. It can be especially challenging if your child has a disability or an illness. They will need even more support and you’ll worry about them constantly. 

Being a parent is hard. It’s easy to forget that we need support too. You can’t care for your child if you aren’t caring for yourself. Here are 5 ways to get some extra support.  


If your child has a disability, such as Erb’s Palsy, you may be feeling stressed and emotional. It can be difficult to look after a child with additional needs. You want them to have the best possible life and ensure they get the same opportunities as the other children. However, caring for a child with a disability or illness can also take a financial toll, as they may need specialist care and equipment. If you are struggling financially, you may be entitled to compensation. You’ll be able to get more info from an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer

Parenting support groups

All parents should talk with other parents. While your friends are probably sympathetic to your problems, they might struggle to relate if they don’t have children themselves. So, why not consider joining a parenting support group? Here, you can meet likeminded parents and discuss any issues you might be having. You’ll realize that your concerns are completely normal and can exchange advice. 

Friends and family

It’s important to seek help from those around you who know you best. They’ll give you honest and personal advice that you’ll actually listen to. So, don’t forget about the support from your nearest and dearest. Sure, it can be difficult to acknowledge when we’re struggling as parents, but your friends and family will understand. They might be able to help with childcare for a day or two while you take some time out. 


There are plenty of family charities that function to help struggling parents, whether you’re having issues physically, financially or emotionally. These groups will create a space to talk about your problems and find ways to solve them. People who work in charities are often kind, considerate and know what you are going through. They are using their own experiences to help, so check out family charities in your local area. 


As a parent, you can spend so much time focusing on your child’s wellbeing that you forget your own. Plus, you take on an additional emotional burden if they are going through a tough time. So, why not speak to a therapist? You will be able to channel your emotions and find ways to cope with them.

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