5 Ways To Own An Uncomfortable Moment


Life is full of awkward and uncomfortable moments and it is inevitable that we are all going to have them.  Here are 5 tips to help you own an uncomfortable moment and turn it from awkward to memorable.


1. Be Confident.  I know it might be one of those easier said than done things, but seriously you have to be confident.  Whether its running into an old fling or having your 7th grade enemy get hired at your work, you have to be confident in who you are.  Take every opportunity to smile and show off your confidence.

2. Speak Up.  You have to chat it up.  You don’t want to be that person who walks away from the moment, regretting the fact that you just sat there silently because you felt to uncomfortable to speak.  Trust me, nothing is more uncomfortable to be around than a mute.  Plus, the best way to turn the moment around is to turn it into a good memory.

3. Style It.  Always take those extra 5 minutes to reapply your mascara or slip into your skinny jeans.  Your self-confidence will make you feel less uncomfortable no matter the situation.

4. Embrace It.  No matter how uncomfortable the moment is, let’s face it they are going to happen.  The best thing you can do is handle them straight on.  Don’t try to avoid it or you just might miss out on living life.

5. YOLO.  I know, I know…YOLO may be out played, but seriously people you do only live once.  Embrace every opportunity, uncomfortable or not.


Try to make yourself prepared by dressing comfortable from the ground up, you don’t hide from these moments, you embrace them and own them. Because when you wear Sanuks there is in fact, never an uncomfortable moment.  I recently received the Sanuks pictured above and to be honest, I can’t seem to keep them off my feet.  They are so comfortable and will definitely be my go to shoes for summer.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sanuk via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sanuk.”

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