5 Ways You’re Preparing for November

What’s that you smell and see? Pumpkin pie, spicy pumpkin latte, crunchy leaves, gravy …. oh wait. November is already in a week! Time sure fly. Here’s five ways that hint that you are already preparing for November, the colder weather, and the spirit of Thanksgiving.

  1. You dress for the cold weather. It sure feel like forever that the weather is getting to the cold temperature you had been looking forward to. Regardless, when it actually does, it time to bring out the warmth for your home, from hot chocolate to mittens to heater. Do keep in mind that even if it had been hot, it doesn’t mean you can still get sick if you keep sticking to warm weather clothes.
  2. You buy Thanksgiving decorations and pumpkin flavors. Well, let’s not lie we love those pumpkin lattes and pies. And even if you don’t, there’s apple pies. And oh turkey, chicken, plastic leaves, and so much more. Well, who certainly don’t look forward to Thanksgiving? All those yummy food you can think of eating or drinking fuzzy drinks and apple cider just sound really good right now!
  3. You make family plans ahead of time. Well, okay, it may seems like a common thing, but if you’re already planning ahead of places to go or whom houses to go this year, you’re obviously thinking of November and the future holidays this year. Let’s try not to think of at least one person you know who make last-minute decisions the day before Thanksgiving on how to make a family reunion. Yikes!
  4. You practice cooking recipes. Even if you may not be the best cook in the world, if your family do make cooking based on fall recipes, obviously, they’re preparing to dish out their best plates on the Thanksgiving table! Or hey, that extended family you know of … or your next door neighbor. You can’t resist the smell of those kind of food.
  5. You base everything on fall color scheme. Brown? Orange? Red? Hey if you wear those fall colors, it’s clear you’re already thinking about the late fall season. Or if you draw and color something. Or even when you decorate the house or do fall cleaning (yep, that exists!). October was all orange and black and purple, but hey November is all about brown being the new black.

And even if the above doesn’t completely apply to you, you know it apply to someone else, a friend, neighbor, or another family. Who isn’t preparing for November already?

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J-Ky is a high school student pursing journalism. They love to write and run in spare time. They run cross country and track in school and love to vlog. They believe in happiness and positivity are the key to life.

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