6 Best Ways To Improve Your Life

When people talk about self-improvement, they tend to get a little wishy-washy. They give really vague or abstract tips that don’t really provide much help for people who want to improve themselves. Of course, one has to wonder what “self-improvement” actually means! Let’s assume you want to be happier, smarter, more creative, and more adventurous. Here are some simple but practical tips for you!

1. Read the right books

Trying to prescribe the “right” books to people may seem a little snobbish. But let’s face it: a lot of people who want to improve themselves usually end up reading some really cringey self-help books that were probably written in a few days by people who are only in it for the money. You should consider reading books about self-understanding and empathy from authors such as Steven Pinker, Daniel Kahneman, and Jordan B. Peterson. Their books are a little more dense, but you can do it!

2. Get educated further

The best way to feel more confident in your own knowledge is to, well, educate yourself! You should consider signing up for an online course that you can complete in your spare time. If you’ve got the time for more formal and full-time study, you could consider checking out the likes of Maryville University. It doesn’t matter if you want to be educated in something technical or something that leans more towards the humanities – it’s worth doing.

3. Pursue a new hobby

Most people stick to the same hobbies for their entire lives. Some may take up something new during retirement – but why wait until then? When you pursue a new hobby, it requires you to learn new things; mentally, physically, or both. It might be best to find something that’s a little outside your comfort zone. This expands the potential for the novelty and growth that can emerge from such action!

4. Wake up earlier

Too many of you are waking up late! You may only wake up at the latest time your work schedule will allow, or you’ll get a few extra hours’ shut-eye on your days off. It’s time to end this! You should keep a consistent sleep pattern that sees you getting up at around 6 a.m., 7 a.m., or 8 a.m. – this is earlier than most people! That extra time in the morning improves your productivity and helps with your mood.

5. Schedule yourself

If you really want to increase your productivity, it’s best to actually work through a list of what it is you have to do on a given day! A lot of people have a mental to-do list, but they don’t end up making their way through all of it. When you get up, put all your to-dos into a timetable that you will follow throughout the day. Stick to that schedule as closely as you can and you’ll notice a huge boost in your productivity!

6. Stop hanging around negative people

Tim Ferriss has said that “you are the average of the five people you most associate with”. Is this true? Well, while we like to believe we’re all utterly unique, there’s no denying that who we hang out with impacts our behavior and thinking in many ways. And if you’re hanging out with negative people, you’re going to live life negatively.

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