6 Changes To Make In Your Home For Benefits That Will Last For Years

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Sometimes when thinking about our homes, we need to consider not just what looks good now, but also what changes we can make that will have a long term effect on its value and running costs. With this in mind consider the following suggestions for changes that you can make now that will benefit you for years to come.


Insulation, it’s an added cost to have installed so why bother right? Well, it’s because by insulating your home, you can help to keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Something that means you will use less energy on temperature control. This is important because if you are using less energy, you are will be spending less money in the long term Meaning over a few years you can easily reclaim the original cost of the insulation, and more besides.

An additional advantage in insulating your home is that by using less energy to control the temperature you are also helping the environment.  Something we all need to be aware of going forward.

Although before you do go ahead, you will need to consider the different types of insulation that is on the market. One popular option is cavity wall foam. This is expanding foam that is pumped into the space between the inner and outer walls. Something that is usually an issue in newer properties. There is also fiber insulation that can be placed behind stud walls or in attic spaces, and you can even get eco-friendly stuff now that is made from recycled bottles. That is hypoallergenic, so there is no excuse to not insulate, even if you have someone with stamps or allergies in the home.

Solar panels

Another change that you can make today that can benefit you in the long term is to install solar paneling on the roof of your house. There are two main options to choose from for this. The first is to have large photovoltaic panels, that catch the light and convert it into electricity. They are so efficient that it’s even possible to sell electricity back to the grid, meaning you can generate income from installing them.

The second option is to use roof tiles that are actually small solar panels. This is a more recent technology, so it’s not as widely available as the larger panels at the moment. But you can expect to see more of this installed in older houses and coming as standard in newer properties as we go forward.

Of course, the benefit is that by producing your own electricity you won’t have such large utility bills. Meaning more in your pocket each month in the future.


Some folks think that carpets are a waste of time, especially as wooden flooring and laminate are so fashionable and popular these days. However, before you discount them completely, you should know that they are a great investment for the future.

That is because the newer types of carpet are both much softer to the touch and hardier. Meaning they will last a lot longer. Some versions can even be cleaned with household items like bleach. Resulting in stains lifting straight off without changing the color or texture of the carpet. This means that in the long run, such flooring will cost you a lot less money, as it won’t need to be constantly replaced, cleaned, or repaired like older carpet or some wooden floors need to be.

Carpets also have the additional long term advantage of pricing extra insulation in your home Further reducing your heating and fuel bills. Not such a waste of time now is it?


Something else that you should consider if you are looking for long term benefit on the home is a furnace. As these allow you to heat your home at 96% efficiency, even through the winter, as well as having long warranties. That means peace of mind for the next decade knowing you won’t have to replace or change your primary source of heat. Something that can be hugely expensive and inconvenient if the snow has already started to fall.

To make it even better, some furnaces can even be paid for on a monthly scheme. Meaning you get the long term benefits without having to be out of pocket until it’s all paid off.

Triple glazing

Triple glazing is also another home element that many people chose to install to get a long term advantage. Getting this done entails the old windows and doors being removed and new ones complete with locks, UPVC frames, and gas filled panes being installed.  Again, primarily, it’s somethingthat affects the heat retention in our home. Meaning less heat is wasted, and it takes a lot less energy to keep the home at a livable temperature.

Although there is an additional long term benefit with this and that is the added security that triple glazing provides. This not only gives you more peace of mind when you’re at home or away, but it can also bring you insurance premiums down. Something that can also save you more money in the long run.


For some having a drive way is a bit of a luxury. But if you really think about it’s it’s something that can pay off years down the line. This is for two reasons. The first is that in having a proper driveway, you ensure that your car stays in the best condition possible. Something that it’s not easy to do if it’s always getting a nick in the paintwork and cracks in the window from loose stones.

Secondly, it’s a huge selling point that will raise the value of your home. It may cost you a few $1000 to put in, but it can add $1000s more to the overall asking price of your home when you do come to sell. If you think of it that way, it’s not only a pleasant thing to have but also a smart, long term investment for the future.  

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