6 Disney Cast Member Myths Debunked

by Sarah Scoop

There is so much curiosity surrounding Disney, it’s certainly an interesting experience to work there. Here, a former Disney Cast Member debunks the myths about working at Disney!

(Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Before we begin the myths, let’s go over some Disney lingo! Disney treats everything like a show, and its vocabulary reflects that. Here are a few Disney words that are most commonly used:

  •          Employees: Cast Members
  •          Customers: Guests
  •          The parks: Onstage
  •          Any employee-only area: Backstage
  •          Job: Role

         In addition, Disney Cast Members use themed language depending on the area of the parks.


You get to go to the parks all day

It is a common misconception that Disney employees go to the parks all the time. That would be incredible, and I’m sure it’s what many cast members hope for when they first begin working with the company. However, the hours prevent this. For full-time employees, cast members are working five, six, sometimes seven days a week depending on their role. On days off, most employees stay away from the park. The prime time for employees to go to the parks are before or after work.

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All guests are mean

This is quite a misconception about working for Disney that does an extreme disservice for the reputation of being a cast member. It was, in this particular cast member’s experience, very rare to have mean guests. This of course depends on your role, but guests are not commonly mean- they are annoying. They don’t know what they’re doing, some of them have never been to Disney before. Therefore, the same issues will pop up again and again, and as a cast member, you simply don’t have time to explain it.

One example is empty rows on the attraction— everything has a purpose. That row could be unsafe, or filling it could cost guests more time waiting than filling it. The same annoying, passive aggressive comments and ignorance is the majority of issues you might have as a cast member. Regardless, these are not a big deal, and most people have hearts of gold and will listen to instructions perfectly and make magical moments for YOU. It is truly a joy to work there.


You will hate your job

Whether you love Disney or not, working for Disney can be good or bad. It really depends on your role and your personality. Some commonly beloved roles are entertainment, character attendants, attractions and photopass, but it really varies on your location and your coworkers, just like any other jobs. Guests will often say to cast members “It’s almost over!” or “How sick do you get of this music?” etc. Most people who choose to work for Disney, however, have a deep love of the company and the lifestyle that accompanies it. It is a lot of people’s dream to work there!


You can audition all the time

When you think of a Disney Cast Member, the first thing that might come to mind entertainment/character performers. Most everyone who works for Disney would love to be in this role, but unfortunately, many of the auditions are closed to current cast members. Disney does not want to lose their cast to other roles!


You receive gifts

Contrary to popular belief, cast members are not allowed to accept gifts from guests unless they are handmade/don’t have much value. A lot of guests will attempt to give money and cast members must refuse!


You lose the magic

This just simply isn’t true! Maybe for some, but for the majority of cast members, the magic isn’t lost, it is just changed. It’s a different kind of magic and different kind of respect for Disney to see behind the scenes and the attention to detail Disney truly has.

Overall, working for Disney is a magical experience, and it’s so important for everyone to live out their dreams. We say thank you to Disney for making dreams come into a reality for so many people across the world!

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