The 6 Essential Elements of a Successful Blog


So, you want to start a successful blog? Well I’m going to tell you what it takes; faith, trust, and pixie dust. Just kidding! The following 6 elements should all be included if you want a successful blog:

1. High Quality, Original Content

Paying attention to detail pays off when you want a successful blog. Your content needs to be high quality, with no grammar errors or spelling mistakes. People notice these things and it makes it look like you don’t care. The content should be original, so no copying it off other sites. It should also be relevant to your target market. People always ask me how I did it, so here’s some advice. I hope it helps!

2. Pretty Pictures

Research has proven that posts get a much better click through rate when you include pretty pictures. This is why so many bloggers become pro photographers too! Some posts may be photo heavy and light on the text, others vice versa. Just be sure you’re including pictures with each post. Danielle Peazer is one celeb/blogger whose pictures I love. Ideally, the pictures on your blog will be your own. Here are some tips to start you off!

3. Eye Catching Post Titles

Nobody is going to want to read a post titled ‘how to style your hair’. Think of more eye catching post titles that are going to make people want to click through. That boring post title could become ‘10 hot hair styles anybody can do!’. Use your imagination.

4. Social Media Integration

Integrating your blog with social media makes it so much easier for people to share content of yours that they like. You may have to advertise your blog a little more via other platforms, but social media can be a great help to get more traffic!

5. Interaction With Readers

Oftentimes, readers will write comments on your posts. They might even ask you questions. Don’t ignore them! These people are going to make you more popular and might even recommend you to their friends. Always interact with your readers in any way you can, offering advice and even just saying thank you to them for reading your blog. Show them you care!

6. Being True to Yourself

Being true to yourself is probably the most important thing out of everything listed here. Nobody wants to read a ‘me too’ blog. We see all too many of these in this day and age! Don’t copy your favourite bloggers, simply take inspiration from them. Be true to your voice, your personal style, and the things you want to write about. Make this blog your own; truly unique. Once you learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest, your blog will get more attention.

If you can concentrate on these 6 elements when you get your blog going, you’re sure to begin growing in no time at all. Remember, consistency is another factor to running a successful blog, so don’t give up!

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