6 Hilarious Wedding Day Mishaps + FREE Advance Screening Tickets to Table 19 in #KansasCity 2/28

There’s so much pressure that goes into planning the perfect wedding day!  However, even the most meticulous planning can’t prevent some hiccups on your big day.  These wedding day mishaps are hilarious and prove that with the right attitude, nothing can truly ruin your wedding day!

“I’m a vegetarian, but our caterers forgot to include a veggie entrée on our menu.  I was starving and getting a little too boozy too fast on an empty stomach.  The only other restaurant within walking distance was Taco Bell.  I sent my maid of honor to get me black bean tacos and sat in my dress at our table gobbling down tacos, greasy crumbled bag next to me.  I’m sure I never looked more elegant!”

-Selena and Jason

“My nephew was so excited to play the role of ring bearer!  That is until he realized he would be wearing a pint sized tux and not a bear suit.  There was a full on meltdown that ensued.”

-Risa and Mike

“My baby cousin found the baptismal font and went for a swim.  It was actually really funny in a cringe worthy kind of way!”

-Amanda and Chris

“During our reception, my husband and I were going to make an entrance where we rose up from the dance floor on an elevator.  The elevator ended up getting stuck!  Fortunately, they were able to get us out quickly!  It still ended up being an incredible night, even with the mishap!”

-Dawn and Hector

“Our flower girl was really nervous about her role in the wedding.  So nervous in fact, she completely forgot to throw the flowers!  After realizing her mistake, she took her basket of rose petals and threw them all on the ground around her feet.  It was adorable, but she was a little embarrassed by her faux pas. I let her know that she was a superb flower girl!”

-Kelly and Michael

“We decided to go back to our hometown to get married.  It’s a tiny town, but we really wanted to get married at the church we both grew up in.  Well, a blizzard hit the day we were supposed to get married.  We are still so grateful that so many of our friends and family showed up in spite of the horrendous weather conditions.  Unfortunately, as the night progressed the storm worsened leaving more than half our guests stranded in this small town.  We found a sketchy hotel off a highway and partied like rockstars there for the rest of the night!”

-Megan and Jonathan

These are those ‘now we can laugh about it’ moments we all just can’t get enough of.  The new movie, Table 19 is taking wedding day comedy to a new level.  Ex-maid of honor Eloise, having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text, decides to attend the wedding anyway only to find herself seated with 5 “random” guests at the dreaded Table 19.  Watch the trailer below.


With Table 19 you can get to know the characters by following along with their social media handles:

@Table19Movie | #Table19Movie

Now, for my Kansas City friends who enjoy a good laugh and are ready to see Table 19, you’re in luck! Get your free advance screening passes to see the movie, Table 19 here. It is happening this Tuesday, 2/28 at the Cinemark Palace at the Plaza, 7PM.  Have fun!

Also, do you have any funny stories to share about your wedding day?  Share with us! We’d love to hear!

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