6 Ideas That Will Make You Money When Even You’re Sick

by Sarah Ruhlman

Bad physical health can also put you in bad financial health. If you’re too sick or injured to work, here are a few ways that you can continue to make an income.


Know what you’re legally entitled too

Many companies offer sickness pay whilst in some places around the world it is legally given out by the state. However, this is generally only a fraction of your regular income and may only last for a few weeks. If your illness is long term and you’re technically classed as disabled, you may be eligible for benefits or a grant which could help to fund your ill health.

You may also be able to file a legal claim if the illness or injury was directly the fault of someone else. There are specialist personal injury lawyers out there for all kinds of ailments such as car accident attorneys and burn injury attorneys. The compensation could help to fund your time off sick and any treatment you may need.

Look into local charities

If you’re not legally entitled to any money, you may still be able to get financial help from a local charity. Many charities are willing to care for sick people who are financially struggling. Certain charities may even be able to help with errands such as getting your shopping or helping to clean your home whilst you are too sick to do it.  

Get help from friends and family

Don’t forget to also tell your friends and family of your situation. They may be willing offer some financial help whilst you recover on top of helping you with household chores whilst ill.

Take out a loan

This is not the most ideal way of funding yourself, but could still be an option worth pursuing. Shop around for the lowest interest rate so that you’re not having to pay huge amounts to be ill.

Sell your clutter

Being ill and out of work could be the perfect time to sort through the clutter in your home. You may be able to then sell some of this clutter for cash. Online sites such as Gumtree can allow you to advertise your items on the web – buyers local to you can then collect these items from your home saving you from having to make a trip out of the house. Alternatively, you may be able to get a friend or family member to help who might then be able to sell you items through other means such as flea markets and yard sales.

Make money online

There are all kinds of ways of making money online with nothing but a computer. On sites like Fiverr, you can sell skills for money – this could include website testing, CV writing, blogging, photoshop skills, video editing or even producing music. Meanwhile, there are plenty of online odd jobs that anyone can do such as filling out surveys for money. These jobs might not be possible if looking at a screen is too much of a strain on your illness.   

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