6 Reasons Why You Should See “Now You See Me 2”

Magic meets action. Who would have thought it could work? The creators of “Now You See Me 2” (or “Now You See Me: The Second Act) did when they first made the original: “Now You See Me”! Here are my top six reasons why we should be excited to see this second installment!



I saw “Now You See Me” in theaters. The reviews were iffy, but everyone who had seen it had said they had loved it! So, I changed my mind. (I do tend to be a bit obsessed with reviews, but sometimes reviews aren’t always right!) The original was filled with twists and turns. There was magic played on us as the audience watching. And the plot did not follow the traditional form. Everything was unexpected, but not out of nowhere. The intelligence behind every scene in this movie was easy to gloss over, which is why it is so brilliant. The original movie was like a rollercoaster in the dark: you know something is going to happen, just not when or what!


Harry Potter is back to doing magic! Oh, how I have waited so long. To be fair, Daniel Radcliffe has done really well and achieved what seemed to be the unachievable when he found success after the Harry Potter films. That being said, he will still always be Harry Potter in our hearts! I’ve heard a lot about this character. I’ve heard he is a villain and I’ve heard he is not. Either way, I’ll take it! Just like the first movie, I don’t expect anything about “Now You See Me 2” to be straightforward. If we could figure out who’s up to no good and who’s up to actual good just from the trailer, why would we want to go see the movie anyway?


My favorite scene from “Now You See Me” was one that was played on me! With a little help with some cinematic magic, I felt like I was watching real magic. Jesse Eissenberg’s character, Daniel, first appeared in the movie. He tricks a girl into guessing the exact card he wants her to guess. The thing is though, he also tricks YOU! We all saw the same card and so we were all fooled. You can watch the official movie trailer here:   If there are any scenes of cinematic magic such as this, then I’m already sold on this next one being an awesome movie!


At the end of the original film, Mark Ruffalo’s character, Dylan, reveals himself as the real ring leader. His character hasn’t even begun to show who he really is! Sure, he’s probably still the kind, intelligent guy who charmed the French girl. But, he now also does magic! Well, he always did magic. The difference is that now we are going to actually see it and know it is happening! I’m so ready to see Mark Ruffalo pull out his bag of tricks and show the horsemen who the real best magician actually is. Because I have a strong feeling that he’s going to be able to outdo each and every one of them all on his own!


The trailer for “Now You See Me 2” has Morgan Freeman promising the audience viewers (as well as whoever he is talking to in the film) that we are going to see “the greatest magic trick ever created”! If I know this movie, it’s not going to be just some ordinary trick. It’s not even going to be just a big trick. It’s going to be an intelligent magic trick. I’ve said this already, but this movie is great because it is smart! I have a feeling that not only is the audience within the movie going to be fooled, but so are we, the ones sitting in the movie theater audience!


Lizzy Caplan is taking over for Isla Fisher in this movie. Caplan is not playing the same character, but she is filling the void. As much as I love Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan is known for her sarcastic dry humor and her comedic timing. Imagine her going against all those boys! She will totally put them in their place! Fisher isn’t come back because she was pregnant while filming, but I have a feeling it’s because she almost DROWNED while filming the first one! I don’t blame her for wanting to take a break from the film series! Girl power will be represented though in the second film just as much as it was in the first one. Though, I think there should be a few more female magicians out there who could represent.

“Now You See Me 2” is going to be an awesome adventure filled with surprises, action, and a whole lot of magic! Hope you all are as excited as I am!

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