6 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time for Fashion

It’s that time of year again; cozy, oversized sweaters and riding boots are taking over the shelves of our favorite stores and fall is about to begin. Fall brings so many wonderful things to appreciate, including one of my favorite things to think about: fashion. Here are 6 reasons why fall is the best time for fashion:

1. Back to School – School is finally back in session and gives students the perfect excuse to go on countless trips to the mall to purchase new clothes. School brings about many new changes-new classes, new people, and of course, new outfit opportunities.

2. Holiday Time – Fall introduces the very beginning of the holiday season. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just two of many to look forward to, each carrying fun ways to go outside and show off new wardrobe pieces.

3. Color Changes – The moment the leaves change to colors of red, orange, and yellow is one of the most beautiful scenes to experience. Vibrant color changes inspire clothing colors and compliment one another very well too!

4. Weather –  The temperature transition during the fall is absolutely perfect. Out with the unbearably hot and sticky days and on to a very refreshing atmosphere. These cool, crisp days call for sweaters, scarves, and denim.

5. Events – Because the weather is very accommodating, so many entertaining events take place in the fall. Sporting events, bonfires, hiking and camping; the list goes on! Fall events are some of my favorite pass times, and in combination with fashion, you really can’t go wrong.

6. Comfortable Clothing – One of the worst things about the summer is that feeling of sweatiness or stickiness within a short period of time outside. Fall weather calls for comfy clothing pieces such as leggings, fuzzy jackets, and warm pullovers (some of the best clothing items ever).

Fall officially begins on September 23rd this year, and while you await the beautiful season, be sure to pick up a few fall fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe!

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