6 Simple Secrets To Body Confidence

Recent studies have shown that many of us girls, want nothing more than to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin, and to stop worrying about our bodies.

Have you ever noticed that you rarely hear men complaining about their bodies? It must be a problem that only affects use girls. From how our bodies look to how they feel and smell, we are always worrying about something.

Well, not anymore. It is time to boost your body confidence and learn to love how you look. To help you, we have put together a handy guide to six secrets to being body confident.


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1. Keep the lights on

Keep the lights on. That’s right, stop getting changed with the lights off or hiding in the bathroom. Your significant other loves your body, so make sure to give him time to admire it.

Seeing your partner taking a peek at your body from under the bed covers, will increase your confidence and make you feel more sexy.

2. Fake your confidence

One of the simplest ways to become more confident is to fake it. Have a look at images of models and inspirational women and imagine that you are them, and you have their confidence. Just like you, models have imperfections and trouble areas, but they pretend to be perfect and everyone believes it. So why not do the same?

If you feel un-confident, think of your favorite inspirational celebrity and pretend you have their confidence. And, you will feel a whole lot better.

3. Dress well

Don’t worry too much about keeping up with the newest styles, just make sure to dress well and showcase your personal style. By dressing in a style you love, you will feel happier and instantly more confident.

If, at work you have to wear a uniform, add some accessories that show your personal tastes, like a statement necklace, for example.

4. Keep your head up

When walking keep your head up, don’t look down at the floor. If you walk hunched over, everyone will be able to tell how self-conscious and shy you are – even if you don’t feel confident, fake it.

Power walk with your head up. This will make you look and feel much more powerful and confident.

5. If something bothers you, change it

While being self-confident is about loving yourself, if there is something specific that bothers you, then do something about it.

If, for example, you have gained a few pounds and are losing your confidence because of it, get healthy and back in shape. Or, if you have always disliked your breasts, consider having a breast augmentation procedure to change that.

If making a small change to how you look will boost your confidence, then do it. As long as you are doing it for yourself and no one else, then that is okay with us.

6. Smell fantastic

Find a perfume or scented moisturizer that smells fantastic and makes you feel great. It is surprising how much of a difference a sexy scent can make to changing how you feel about yourself.

Make sure to head down to your nearest perfume store as soon as possible to find your perfect scent.




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