6 Times Nick Jonas Stole the Grammys Away

by Sarah Scoop

If you don’t follow Nick Jonas on social media, you are missing out in life! Last night was the 59th Grammy Awards and even though Nick Jonas wasn’t nominated in any category he still managed to steal the night away.  The singer took to Instagram and Twitter last night to liven up the Grammys and give everyone a laugh with his Grammys experience! Here’s 6 times when Nick Jonas actually won the Grammys:

1. He stood with Ri-Ri

When you’re on a double date and the other couple starts fighting…

2. He secretly tried to steal a Grammy

When you want to keep it but then you remember you’re just presenting… ?

3. He met Blue Ivy

Caption this… ?

4. His outfit


5. He pregame’s just like us

Quiet before the storm… #grammys

6. He idolizes & congratulates all of his friends <3

Kelsea B and DNCE proud of my friends (and family) who continue to shine and show the world that you can be a good person and be great at what you do. #grammys

The boss man. #grammys #rocnation

Proud of this girl. Grammy nominated and about to absolutely blow people’s minds again this year with her performance. #safehouse

You can follow @NickJonas here to make sure you don’t miss any more of his funny memories:

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So, do you think Nick Jonas deserved to win a Grammy for his commentary throughout the star-studded night? Comment below with your thoughts!

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