6 Ways to Increase Your Salary

Do you deserve to be paid more? In a study of employees at major companies, only 36% said they were satisfied with their wage. Most of us want to earn more money – but how do you go about achieving this. Here are a few ways how you methods that could have you boosting your salary.

Ask for a pay rise

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. That said, you should always ask the question delicately. Choose a non-busy time during the week to approach your employer – you may be better off to book in a meeting. Do your research of other employees’ wages so that you know you’re not being unjust.  Ask politely and tell them that you understand the pressures of them having to pay more. As long as you’re courteous with your request, they won’t get angry with you for asking, and who knows – they may just consider it and up your wage.

Up your hours

This is the obvious way to boost your salary, although not always the most advisable. You want to keep a good work/life balance and if you already feel like you’re being undervalued at work, this won’t be good for your mental health. That said, in some jobs, there may be certain shifts during certain times that earn you more that could be worth trialling out. Double pay on bank holidays and for overtime can also be worth taking advantage of in some careers.

Take on more responsibility

More responsibility will often increase your wage – or at least give you a more stable basis of which to justify asking for a pay rise. Climbing the ladder in many corporate jobs will often get you a pay rise, but make sure that the salary justifies the added pressures.   

Further your education

You may also be able to negotiate better payment by getting a qualification. Alternatively, it may open you up to new careers entirely. Consider taking an online degree that you can fit around work. Some universities now even offer online masters courses. Click here to learn about USC’s masters in llm online program and you’ll get an idea of the type of courses on offer. There may even be short courses and apprenticeship schemes that lead onto better paid positions.

Broaden your skill set

You may be able to learn some skills without qualifications that open you up to a larger salary. You could self-teach yourself a skill such as coding or Photoshop. Alternatively, you might be able to attend a workshop such as a day WordPress course or hire someone to teach you a new language.

Raise the risk

Often the more risk there is, the better pay. This could involve risking your own health and safety such as a trawler fisherman or a tree surgeon or being in control of other people’s such as a surgeon or an air traffic controller. There are also jobs that involve a financial risk and result in an all or nothing gamble such as affiliate marketing, insurance and the gambling industry itself.

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