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6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

The leaves are falling, the pumpkins are sprouting, and the apple cider is brewing. This can all mean one thing: Autumn is here, and fall fashion along with it! We couldn’t speak of fall fashion without the staple of fall fashion: scarves. Here are a couple of ideas on how to wear your scarf this fall!


1. Belt it


Does your scarf hit your waist when you drape it around your neck? Belt it up, losing any boxiness


Mulberry Fall/Winter 2012. Photo Courtesy of lyst.com.


2. Make it uneven

This method of tying it keeps it short, simple, and cute. Drape your scarf around your neck, then take one end, loop it around your neck, until it hangs on the opposite shoulder. Do the same with the opposite side. For more of a boho look, make the end pieces uneven.


Courtesy of Celebstyle.com


3. Try the triangle

For square scarves, fold in half to make a triangle. Then take the ends and tie behind the neck, with the tip of the triangle pointing down in the front.


courtesy of frockable.com

4. Tie the knot

For silk scarves, a bow tie are a fun way to add flair to any outfit! Just take your scarf, tie a simple knot, create loops on each end, and then tie them together.

If you don’t have a silk scarf, this can also be done with square scarves by folding it into a triangle, rolling towards the point, and tying a bow around your neck.


courtesy of socialbliss.com

5. Wrap it tight

For chic efficiency in cold dreary weather, loop your scarf around your neck repetitively and tuck the remaining ends in your jacket.

courtesy of harpersbazaar.com


6. Simple and sleek


This is a simple, go to method of folding.Take your scarf, fold it in half, and drape it around your neck. Then, take your end pieces, pull them through the loop where your scarf is folded, and pull.

courtesy of fabsugar.com

Word to the wise: less is more. So, if you have a bold, colorful, patterned scarf, wear it on top of an earthy tone dress or top, with a clean cut jean and flats. The same applies vice versa: for a funky print dress, offset the volume with a neutral colored scarf.


That’s a wrap!


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