6 Ways to Work-Out in Style

As an athlete, I know it’s tough to get your sweat on and look good doing it. Buns and ponytails lead to borrowing your boyfriend’s over-sized T-shirt or outfits that simply don’t match. While you are trying to stay fit this summer by following our Sarah Scoop tips to staying fit all summer, or on Kanye’s Workout Plan, you deserve an outfit to reflect your relentless work ethic. Here are a few outfit ideas that can help you stay stylish while still reap the benefits of a great workouts.

image(4)1. Stylish Yoga
While you’re in that downward dog position, you want to be relaxed and calm. Nothing helps me relax more than a cute yoga outfit! Wide-leg pants are not only super comfy, but also fit the yoga-vibe. In a fun print paired with a solid colored sports bra, even the instructor will be begging you where you go this outfit from.




2. On the Run with Stella
High fashion designer Stella McCartney collaborated with Adidas to form an active wear line that is totally fabulous. It allows the modern woman to feel fashionable while she works-up a sweat. While you’re going on your run around the neighborhood, why not turn some heads along the way?



3. 24 hour Fabulous
I despise the myth that if you lift weights you’ll look “manly” or “too buff”. No such thing! We as women are strong. Let’s change the stereotype of the gym being a man’s place. Walk into the gym as if it were a catwalk – show them that pumping iron in pink is just as empowering.



4. Ready to Rumble
Kick butt during your next boxing or kickboxing workout, and look great doing it. Throw in that mouth guard in, hit the right jab, and work-up a sweat! A key component to this is the gym bag; this is no place for your MK. Come equipped with the proper bag to store your boxing gloves post-workout.


5. Pretty in Pleats
Did you know tennis champion Serena Williams is a girly girl? She is a fashion designer and has hopes of opening her own nail salon (She even did Oprah’s nails!). So, why can’t you strut in your pleats and handle business on the court, too? Head to the tennis court in this outfit and I’m sure your game will reflect how good you look. And, hey, maybe you’ll see Lorde there.


6. Biker Chic
No leather jackets here. Just a lot of spandex and a cute hat to go with. Whether it’s the Tour de France or at your next spin class, rocking this stylish getup will keep you comfortable and cool. Biking is a great leg (and booty) workout, so show off those curves in these printed Nike dry-fit leggings!


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Jordan Ligons is a student at Point Loma Nazarene University and is hyped about joining the SarahScoop team! She is a student-athlete for the Sea Lions as well as the Arts & Entertainment editor for the university’s newspaper The Point Weekly. She is an ambitious young woman with a passion for fashion, women empowerment, sports, and Beyoncé. You can find Jordan at a thrift-store or on Netflix catching up with Scandal.
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