7 Apps That Will Help You Have a Stress Free Holiday Season #VZWBuzz

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This season enjoy yourself with these 7 apps that will you have a stress free holiday season.

1. Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

Whether you are as skilled in the kitchen as Nigella Lawson or it’s your first time cooking a holiday dinner, then the Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach app will be your new best friend. Don’t let the name fool you, you can use this even after thanksgiving for those other holiday meals.  The award-winning app will allow you to design your menu with some great suggestions, create a shopping list for you, and then give you a step-by-step guide on prepping and cooking the entire meal. And it even includes tutorials on the basics. So if you don’t know your roux from your roulade, it will make you a connoisseur in no time. Stress? What stress?

2. Shopping- Sale Sorter

This app will change the way you shop and bargain hunt. Enter the list of your favorite retail stores and browse the sales that are happening near you in real time. No need to remember  store promotions, this app does it for you through a fun and easy-to-navigate platform

3. RedLaser

RedLaser is one of the best apps to help you save both money and time during the holiday season.  If you’re at the store, scan a barcode with RedLaser to compare prices at thousands of retailers. RedLaser will call up prices at nearby stores on a map. This little feature will help you decide whether the savings are worth the trip. Armchair shoppers can arrange to have purchases delivered or set aside at a local store.

If you’re not set on a particular brand, RedLaser can suggest similar products. And if you need a little something extra to go with a gift, the app will offer accessory ideas, saving you time on research. You can also create and share gift lists and wish lists, making it easy to tick off items. Perfect for saving money during the holiday season!


If you are a big online shopper, especially during the holiday season, it can be challenging to remember what you ordered, from which store, for who, and when you can expect it to arrive. That’s when you download Slice, which will make your life so much easier. The app not only tracks all online purchases and lets you know when your orders have shipped, but it also gives you an ETA. The app also keeps track of all your receipts,  making it easier to see how much you have actually spent.

5. Santa’s List – Christmas Gift Organizer
If you want to stay organized this holiday season when it comes to shopping for gifts, this is another good holiday shopping assistant that lets you create shopping lists with pictures . You can also create your own wish list and share it via e-mail with friends and family. They can see what they like and dislike, which always helps when figuring out the perfect gift to give!

6. RetailMeNot

Most people wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to purchase their holiday gifts, but with RetailMeNot, you can find great deals way ahead of the store’s big sales. RetailMeNot is a free app that offers deals and savings on the app for both in-store and online shopping in a variety of categories. RetailMeNot also gives you extra perks like free shipping and even some rebates on certain purchases. So, if you are looking for gifts in advance, and trying to beat the crowd for a perfect gift, get RetailMeNot now!

7. Where is Santa Lite

This is the perfect app to keep your children from wondering about where Santa is. Using this app, you can follow Santa’s location on the radar and get a progress report updated every minute. You can add your location and get an estimated time of arrival of Santa to your home through a countdown timer. This is such a wonderful holiday tradition that you can use for your young kids. It really gets them (and you) in the holiday spirit! It also saves you stress from trying to find an answer to tell your kids where Santa is each time they ask!

Now, go enjoy this holiday season!

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