The 7 Best Food Trucks In Dallas, TX

by Sarah Scoop
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The popularity of food trucks is growing rapidly! Food trucks are great for anyone who wants quick food, but doesn’t want to settle for yet another fast food burger. In Dallas, food trucks are becoming a way of life. The city is diverse, large, and loves all different kinds of cuisine!

How do you know which food truck is the best? Most of the time, it depends on your personal taste. That said, there are some pretty loyal fanbases for a few food trucks in Dallas. It only proves that no matter what type of food you like, these food trucks will still be your favorite! Here are the 7 best food trucks in Dallas (in no particular order)!


The Vietnamese population in the Dallas area is rather large. There is a numerous amount of Vietnamese restaurants in the area. If you were to go up and ask someone where they can go for great Vietnamese food, chances are, you might be sent to the Nammi truck!

Nammi doesn’t serve traditional Vietnamese food. Instead, they put their twist on everything! They have a lot of great banh mi’s (which is a Vietnamese sandwich), Vietnamese styled tacos, and much more! This place is in demand and can be seen all over Dallas, as well as other places outside the city too. Expect to see Nammi at all sorts of Dallas events! Learn more about Nammi and all the great food they have to offer!


The Guava Tree was actually on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race! The Guava Tree serves Cuban American food and has been around for years. This food truck takes traditional and beloved Cuban recipes and gives it a twist! They serve Cuban sandwiches, yucca fries, and Cuban donuts.

This food truck can be seen all around Dallas and can be booked for private events. The Guava Tree loves their hometown and wants to make sure everyone in Dallas can have a taste of their food! Modern Cuban food never tasted so good! Trying The Guava Tree is a breeze when you know more about them.


You’ve never had a slider as good as one from Easy Slider in Dallas! Easy Slider is owned by two awesome women in Dallas. Of course, these two ladies love all the southern flavors and have incorporated that taste into their fantastic food! Not only that, they make sure that they only use the best quality ingredients around.

Easy Slider started in 2011 and has been named one of the best food trucks in the entire country! The menu is all about the Angus beef sliders. Each one comes with toppings that fit your taste! They do catering events all over the country with one of their clients being the Dallas Mavericks. Learn more about Easy Slider and their fantastic southern sliders!


The down under has reached Dallas! The Great Australian Meat Company brings the best meat pies to Dallas in this incredible food truck that has a koala bear on it. The food truck serves twelve different Australian meat pies including a classic shepherd’s pie, a mushy pea pie, and a chicken and dumpling pie.

Just like most food trucks, The Great Australian Meat Company provides a twist on the classic Australian meat pie. They have over twenty-five years of experience and throw in some Texas flare! Have you ever had a Vegemite Sandwich prepared on Texas Toast? Things that only happen in Dallas! Check out The Great Australian Meat Company’s menu and learn more about their food truck.


You would think that with Dallas being in the south that there would be more Cajun food trucks. The things is though is that Cajun Tailgators was the very first Cajun food truck in Dallas! The menu changes on a daily basis and you’ll never be without some delicious Cajun food!

Cajun Tailgators is known for serving delicious Cajun food such as crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, and of course beignets dusted with powder sugar. They also have a cafe located on Hardwood Street. Learn more about Cajun Tailgators and their amazing Cajun food!


Have you ever been so exhausted on a hot summer day and wanted nothing more than a bubble tea? For those who don’t know, a bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink which is tea based mixed with milk. Bobas are the tapioca balls at the bottom of the drink.

Wait no more for your bubble tea fix because Dallas has its very own bubble tea truck! There are plenty of options when this truck comes rolling around in Dallas. Not only do they have tea, but they also have pastries, snacks, and frozen treats! Learn more about Bobaddiction and get your bubble tea fix today!

Ssahm BBQ

Korean food never tasted so good until you tried Ssahm BBQ! This food truck is probably one of the most successful food trucks in Dallas, if not the whole country. It was started by Chef Jonny and can be seen at almost every Dallas event!

The best things on the Ssahm BBQ truck includes their tacos (which only cost $3!) and their rice bowls. Known for their modern take on Korean street food, Ssahm BBQ isn’t afraid to push the limit. There’s a lot to learn about Ssahm BBQ so make sure to check them out whenever you’re in Dallas!

Have you visited any food trucks in the Dallas area? Let us know what you think!

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