7 Essential Pieces From Shopbop That You Need In Your Fall Wardrobe + Up To 30% Off with @ShopBop Coupon

by Veronica Vivona
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Have you seen those books that are essentially just pants without the top? If you haven’t, don’t both looking online for it to see it! If you have seen it, try to forget it! What everyone needs in their wardrobe this fall are on-season, easy to wear items to mix and match. Not crazy things that will make us uncomfortable! Here are my favorite 7 pieces from Shopbop that you need to get for this fall.


Slit Elbow Crew by Raquel Allegra

Showing skin can be difficult in the fall depending on where you live! And sometimes, wearing a bulky sweater can just make you feel like you’re doing nothing but covering yourself up. This navy blue sweater not only fits comfortably, but it also has slits around the back of the elbow area to give your sweater more of a wow factor! Get it here.

Sage Embroidered Dress by Alexis

Fall can be a time where you get to go out without feeling hot or cold. It’s the only time that ever seems to have the perfect temperature… on some days, anyway. This beautiful dress by Alexis has lace detailing and can be layered with cardigans and sweaters if need be! Wear it to work or wear it for a night on the town! This will soon become a staple in your closet! Get it here.

Feather Barrette by PLUIE

Be simple and elegant, but not over the top, with this feather barrette. It’s a beautiful accent to any classic outfit. It’s been antiqued which is on trend. That being said, it’s super modern at the exact same time! It’s a great way to show off your style! Get it here.

Kyoto Performance Full Length Leggings by Splits59

Athletic wear has become more and more seen in the daily wear sections of closets the past few years. Yoga pants and leggings are a great piece of clothing to have, especially in the fall. Yoga shorts become harder to wear as the weather becomes warmer, these will give you your yoga wear fix! These are stylish, but still easy to mix and match with tops as the colors are black and grey. Get it here. 

Cambridge Ballet Flats by Diane von Furstenberg

If you’re like me, you probably love wearing boots! The only problem is that boots don’t really work until it’s cooler outside. If you live in the south or just know that global warming can have an effect on your wardrobe, this could cause a problem. That being said, it might be too far into the season for sandals! The happy in-between is what I like to call: ballet flats land. These ballet flats can give you a pop of color for any outfit, plus are a great fall essential to have! Get it here.

The Doll High Waist Bell Bottom Jean by J Brand

No longer are the days where you have to pick between boot cut jeans and slim fit! These jeans are rich in their color, fit perfectly and tightly, but also have a flare at the bottom for a special pizazz! The waist is kept high which gives it a retro twist. Tuck in your shirt, or don’t! You can’t go wrong with these jeans! Get it here.

Casey Cross Body Bag by Frye

Fall is the time to do stuff before it gets too cold! Don’t go around having to lug a large bag, having to hold onto it all the time. Get this beautiful small cross body bag and look cute while forgetting you even have it on! This hands off bag is the way to go when you need to carry just the important stuff! Get it here.

This season, deep colors, stylish cut outs, and functionality are what’s great! This is 2016, not 2005! The days of sequined tops and chunky jewelry are out and simplicity is in. Make sure to check out what else is on Shopbop!

You can shop all of these items below. 🙂

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Ravi Roshan Jaiswal September 21, 2016 - 5:36 am

Hey Sarah,

Superb post indeed. Well recommended fashion wear for women yet. I’m so glad to know the ‘ShopBob’ which is the perfect destination to get the latest women fashion wear. I really got surprised to visit this portal where the stunning collection of women fashion wear is available at lowest to highest brand and price. Also, there is also a huge fashion accessories which women love most to have, such as bag, shoes etc.

These all suggested products are awesome and incredible, since they have brought together from ‘ShopBob’. The boot’s color is so beautiful and the dress is looks fabulous. I’m sure, looking these fashion wear, women will start following ‘ShopBob’ soon.

Thanks for introducing.
Have a nice day.
– Ravi.


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