7 Home Improvement Ideas for Summer

When it comes to summer, it’s important to keep our homes airy and fresh to ensure a comfortable living space. Now is the perfect time to work on some home projects and liven up the rooms a bit.

Make sure your house is well prepared for summer, with these affordable home improvement ideas.

Get a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are inexpensive and seriously effective when it comes to combatting those humid summer days. Make sure that the blades are rotating anti-clockwise for some proper energy efficient cooling. This way the cool air is pushed downwards instead of upwards.

Invest in Bay Windows

Energy efficient windows are perfect for keeping temperatures down. Bay and storm windows are great for keeping the heat out in summer, while also insulating your home for winter. There are loads of styles to choose from online, or you can find more from Assured Storm Protection. Visit your local window store to speak to a specialist and get a second opinion.

Create Some Shade

Trees are a great way to provide shade in the summer, while enhancing the natural beauty of your garden. Make sure they are positioned east and west of the house and are over 25 feet. When it comes to relaxing in your garden, a table umbrella is great for cooling down while enjoying some sunshine.

Makeover Your Backyard

If you’re planning to throw barbecues and parties in your garden this summer, you’re going to need to spruce things up a bit. A patio set and fire pit are great for outdoor entertaining, or why not invest in some garden decor. Water features and lanterns are a great way to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for entertaining guests.

Beautify Your Home With Natural Decor

Make the most of your garden’s natural offerings by cutting some backyard flowers to put in your living room vase. Their bold colors and sweet scent will fill the room with the smell of summer and add vibrancy to your home. You could even gather some long twigs to add to a larger vase and decorate them with a summer motif. You could even try painting them, or adding some sparkle.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Make this your year to indulge in some home grown fruit and veg. It’s cheaper, healthier and much more satisfying than going to a grocery store. You can even make your own organic, preservative free jam. Herbs are also great for growing in the garden, and require little maintenance. Thyme and rosemary and perfect for having with some roast beef.

Add a Lick of Paint

Spring is a great time to refresh the home and bring your rooms back to life. Maybe all it takes is a lick of paint to revive worn out walls. Light colors are great for creating a relaxing, spacious feel to a room. There’s no need to stretch your budget on a full renovation. Sometimes a DIY mini makeover works just as well.


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    • Indiana Burnage
    • March 28, 2017

    Hi there, I like to decorate my house with natural plants and I also recommend my friends to do it. It gives a natural look to our home. We have started our home renovation work from last week and we want to make our stairs secure and beautiful. While discussing with my friend, he suggested me this link. I want more suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    Summer is already on head, and if you are true lover of summer, you have very less to enjoy this season. First of all you need to clean your swimming pool and in case if you do not have one, then hire a pool constructor right now or wait for next season. On the other hand, these seven ideas can be useful too.

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