7 Reasons to Watch The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us tells the story of Gardner Elliot, the first human born on Mars.  Living an awfully secluded life on the Red Planet influences him to begin an online friendship with Tulsa, a street smart Earthling with a sassy attitude.  When the two finally meet in person, heartwarming misadventures ensue…

1. It’s a new take on a love story.

Romance movies are great, but they start to get stale after a while.  It’s like watching the same plot in a new setting over and over.  The Space Between Us is a refreshing take on a timeless love story.

2. It’ll remind you to appreciate your loved ones

Family is a huge theme in this movie, but family doesn’t always have to be blood relations.  Gardner was raised by scientists and found and family in them.  Tusla found a family in Gardner.  The movie just really reminds you to appreciate your loved ones and that sometimes you’re lucky enough to choose your family.

3. It’ll teach you to speak your mind

There’s no use holding back saying what you feel, at least that’s Gardner’s philosophy. If you do, those around you will never know your true feelings and how you perceive them.  So tell that special someone you love them or your crush that she’s beautiful.  It’s well worth it

4. It’ll make you look at Earth through a new set of eyes

Sometimes we take our planet for granted. We fail to see the beauty in it.  When you start to see the world through Gardner’s eyes, you’ll see Earth is something to be deeply appreciated.

5. It’ll make you want to live life to the fullest…Starting right now

This movie gave me some serious wanderlust! Travel the world.  Go on a road trip.  Learn to fly a plane.  Do what makes you happy.  After all, this is the only life you get get.

6. It’ll hit you right in the feels

There’s something about young love that’s so heartwarming. Watching Gardner fall in love and experience life on Earth, even though he knows his life is at risk really just gives you that lump in your throat.

7. You’ll remember that there really is no place like home.

Even after all of Gardner’s longing for Earth, he still recognizes how amazing his home planet is.

See The Space Between Us today at a theater near you today!  You won’t want to miss a unique love story like this…


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