7 Things I Learned About the Single Life from How To Be Single

Dakota Johnson, starring in the new romance comedy How To Be Single, searches for love throughout New York City. With Rebel Wilson by her side, Dakota learns the tips and tricks on how to run the single scene. This film guarantees a good laugh, along with a few heartwarming moments. The new film gives a great outlook for women of all ages.

1.   Never take anything too seriously – learn to laugh at the things that seem to embarrass most of us. A carefree attitude will create better memories and a happier you.

2.  Always keep your girlfriends by your side – they are always going to be the ones picking up the pieces after a tough fight or breakup. Never forget to cherish their willingness to be there for you.

3.  Take advantage of your younger years – you’ll always have your bed and Netflix waiting for you when you get older. Take advantage of the nights out with your friends.

4.  Put yourself out there – confidence is key when entering the dating world.

5.   Everyone moves through life at their own pace – whether you find “the one” at age twenty-two or forty-two, everyone has a different story. There’s no shame in being single, embrace it while you can.

6.  Not every guy is going to sweep you off your feet – you will come across the guys that cook you breakfast in the morning and the guys that will act like they can’t remember your name. Take these experiences and discover what you like in a guy.

7.   You must find yourself before you can fully open up to another person – take a cooking class, hike a mountain, do whatever it takes to learn more about yourself and become exactly who you are.

How To Be Single hits theaters February 12.  I was able to attend an advance screening. Don’t forget to check out my video of “The Best Pick Up Lines You’ve Ever Heard” from the screening.

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