7 Things to Add to Your Kansas City Bucket List this Summer

Kansas City, certainly is the place to be.  With so many fun things happening this summer, we’ve narrowed it down to help you decide exactly what you must do during these warm summer months. Make sure this summer in Kansas City is the best one yet by adding these fun things to do to your bucket list. Enjoy the season!

1) Visit the Frozen Moo | Website

Rolled ice cream is all the rage right now. This new place is sure to have already made an appearance on your Snapchat, so now it’s your turn to post your creation!

2) Take a trip to Fugitive Beach | Website

This destination may be a few hours from Kansas City, in Rolla, MO but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be on your bucket list! Many people travel to Fugitive Beach during the summer because if its crystal clear water, their nice beach, and water slides to fuel your adrenaline.

3) Go to Worlds of Fun | Website

 This place is a classic. If you live in Kansas City, you’ve already been here a number of times. The best part is, it never gets old! Enjoy riding coaster after coaster, and afterwards walk on over to Oceans of Fun to cool off in the water.

4) Go to the City Market
City Market is a great place to take the soul of this beautiful city. Cruise the square and browse the many stands. Purchase anything from fresh fruit and vegetables, to homemade soaps and crafts.

5) Visit the zoo | Website

The Kansas City Zoo is a great place to get your exercise in while also getting to see an abundance of animals. You’ve got to visit at least once this Summer and see what the zoo has to offer. It isn’t too expensive, and its great to take the family as well.

6) Ride the streetcar around the city | website

The streetcar transportation in Kansas City is still semi-new to most of us Kansas City residents. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a ride for a fun time, and some good shopping.

7) Visit the Blue Room | website
The Blue Room is a famous jazz bar in Kansas City. Jazz musicians all over the country jump at the chance to perform there. Be sure to check it out this Summer, and see a little bit of Kansas City’s legacy.

Make sure that you add these to your bucket list this Summer, if you haven’t already visited these places! Kansas City has so much to offer in order to give you a great Summer! Be sure to check out your city and all of fun things that go along with it!

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