7 Trails in Kansas City to Get Your Adventure On


It’s time to come out of hibernation. With summer arriving, it is the perfect time to move yo body outside. Take a break from the cardio machines and try one of these 7 trails. Whether you like to run, walk, or bike, there is no better way to get a good workout in than being one with nature with the sun shining on your face (don’t forget spf!).

1. Little Blue Trace Trail

If you are a fan of flat surfaces, this is the trail for you. It is very popular among bikers for this reason. Located in Independence, the trail stretches 15 miles alongside the Little Blue River with little shade cover and lots of farmland. Keep in mind, it is also a popular place for cross country teams in the early am. No matter what time of day, it is rare for the trail to be empty. For extra peace of mind, there are emergency calling stations scattered about. Warning: one of the trailheads is located next to Coldstone Creamery. May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. Lake Vista Trail

This 5-mile trail located in Blue Springs by Lake Jacomo and Blue Springs Lake is my favorite. Trees and more trees surround the trail on both sides and in some sections forming a canopy above-providing some much appreciated shade on even the hottest of days. It’s the perfect place to escape suburgatory, hot pavement, and your to-do list. The terrain alternates between flat and hilly; by hilly, I mean very hilly. If a good butt workout is what you’re after, you have come to the right place. Grab your friends and go for a hike!

3. Burr Oak Woods

Burr Oaks, located in Blue Springs, is a nature lovers dream with six trails and lots of green. The trails are mainly hiking trails with The Hickory Grove Trail being the only one where running is allowed. Expect to feel impressed with The Bethany Falls Trail (and even like you’re kinda, sorta, almost in Colorado).

It is ranked the number one hiking trail in Kansas City. Hike through the dense forest, climb the rugged hillside, and take some snazzy photos next to the limestone boulders. Gotta show those followers how #fit and #fun you are, right?! Plan to spend several hours here; it’s easy to get wander-lost.

4. Longview Trail

This Lee’s Summit trail is mostly flat so it’s perfect for beginners or a leisurely bike ride with your gal-pals. Better yet, take your dog for an afternoon stroll –they will be on cloud nine! The 12 mile trail surrounds Longview Lake with many opportunities to stop and take in the scenery. It is well maintained and has plenty of restroom options. Hallelujah!

5. Roanoke Park Trail

Not too far from all the commotion of city life-escape the noise for a short while on this woodsy trail. The trail is on the shorter side being only 2.5 miles but don’t worry, you will still get your nature fix. There are enough trees to make you forget you are only a three-minute drive from Westport. The trail is the opposite of flat so if mountain biking and hiking is your thing-check this one out.

6. Trolley Trail

Another place to ~somewhat~ escape the city. This 6 miler has starting points on Volker Blvd. and Brookside Blvd. The trail runs parallel next to the road and is completely flat. Despite the traffic noise and strangers who like to honk, it is still a nice trail and better than the treadmill! The path even runs through a few historic Brookside homes. Just don’t get too distracted and face plant on the gravel!

7. Indian Creek Bike Trail

Training for a marathon? HA, me either. But if you are, this 26-mile-long trail would be the place to go for those long runs. Fun fact: this trail travels through Missouri and Kansas. So go ahead and brag to your friends that you ran/walked/biked/crawled through two states! There are multiple places to access the trail because it connects several parks and communities.

These are just a few of our favorite trails; there are many more in the Kansas City area. You don’t have to be a running machine or biking queen to step on the trails-take a stroll and enjoy the outdoors! Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite trail!

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