The 8 Best Online Boutiques To Shop At

I think every girl suffers a little bit from online-shop-syndrome. It is quick, convenient, saves gas, and anything you could ever dream of having in your closet can be yours at the click of a button. Of course, I feel like I’m always going through phases between where I like to shop.  Someone introduces me to something new and boom, I’m hooked. So, at Sarah Scoop we took the liberty of tracking down the best online shops so you don’t have to.

The Basement Boutique | Website

The Basement Boutique takes affordability to a whole new level with just about every single product at $30 or less. You’re definitely not going to find that anywhere else! Shipping is standard except for when you spend $50 or more, it’s free for all U.S. purchases.


Bliss Boutique Omaha | Website

Bliss Boutique Omaha is another relatively affordable site, with clothes ranging anywhere from $50-100. Their style is simple, trendy and good for everyday apparel. They offer free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

Roolee | Website

Roolee is a favorite of mine. Based in Utah, I ship their clothes to my house easily. Their boutique features shops for mom, baby, and home in addition to your everyday style needs.  What I love most about their boutique is that their pieces are adorable and modest, so I can literally where them anywhere– no matter the occasion.

oh so dreamy✨

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Roe Boulevard | Website

Roe Boulevard I love, especially seeing that it is based in my hometown of Kansas City. The little online boutique has worked with over 100 different designers on the site.  All pieces typically range between $20-60, making it an perfect go-to when your closet needs an update.


Tobi | Website

Let’s start with the best news first– when you sign up, you receive 50% off your first purchase. *Jaw drops to the floor.* All of their dresses range between $20-40, too. *Jaw still dropping.* But really, Tobi is a great online boutique selling that easy, West Coast vibe to midwestern city gals like me. They have anything you could want, from swimsuits to bridesmaid dresses you are 100% going to find affordable and fashionable whatever-you-need.


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Zara | Website

Okay, so Zara isn’t exactly what you would call “under the radar” but is, in fact, pretty wildly popular. However, since first discovering it in Italy last year, I’ve been obsessed and the fact that only have a handful in the States means its basically impossible for most of us to shop there.

Thankfully, Zara has an online store and I would especially recommend any of my American friends to check it out. If you haven’t heard of Zara, it is a Spain-based store of wonders. It is comparable to Forever XXI with the sheer amount of clothes being just as affordable but of far better quality. Their clothes are extremely trendy, always making me feel polished and ready to go– essentially, very European. I love it.

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Revolve | Website

Similar to Zara, Revolve is pretty popular. Now with a team of 600 members, Revolve all started with 2 friends, forming it now to be larger-scaled boutique. The online shop carries dozens of big-name brands making your shopping incredibly fast and easy to find.


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Shopbop | Website

Okay, you’ll love this. Shopbop has fast and FREE shipping on all orders. What?! The online store has everything you need to enhance your shopping experience, too. From lookbooks, to style boutiques and a shop-by-trend option, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. Shopbop may cost a little extra, but it is well worth your while.


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Okay, now that you have your list, all that there is left to do is shop, shop, shop til’ you drop! Or until your computer runs out.

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    • M Underberg
    • February 23, 2018

    Great list. Another one that I would add is Morning Goldie ( They do unique, colorful, vintage-inspired clothing with a little 70s flare. Love almost everything on there. And they offer free shipping as well, which is nice.

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