8 Signs Your Mom is Your Ultimate BFF

Your mom is truly an amazing person. She has helped guide and shape you into the remarkable person that you are today. She is also your biggest cheerleader, can sense your sadness, and continues to be there for you when you need her support the most. Here are 8 signs that your mom is your ultimate BFF.


1. She calls just because…

And you are okay with Mom checking in to see if you are okay and see if things are going well in your life.

2. You value her advice.

Your mom is the first person you turn to when you need help with making a decision or are in a crisis.

3. She is your biggest cheerleader.

There may be times that this may embarrass you but this is also how your mom shows how proud she is of the woman you have become.

4. She always knows what you’re thinking.

Your mom knows your body language, your tone, and can read you like no one else. That makes approaching difficult topics with her so much easier.

5. She’s not afraid to be brutally honest.

Your mom loves you, but she also doesn’t want you to make mistakes in your life. She is not afraid to dish it out and tell it like it is and you’re grateful for that.

6. She knows how to make you laugh.

She knows how to delve into your inner child and make you laugh and help bolster your spirits when you’re down.

7. You are willing to do anything for her

No matter what your mom needs at whatever time of the day, you are willing to drop everything and do whatever she needs.

8. You love her unconditionally.

She may have given birth to you creating an undeniable bond that drives your love for her, but she’s also an incredible person in her own right. You look up to her, respect her and think she is only awesome woman.

This Mother’s Day do something extra special for your mom to thank her for all that she’s done and continues to do for you. But don’t forget to also honor your mom /BFF throughout the year, Whether it’s picking up the phone, or sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or treating her to brunch at her favorite place, she will enjoy it even more because you suggested it.

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