8 Things We Love About Shay Mitchell

You know her as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, but did you know her full name is Shannon Mitchell and that she’s from Canada? Like her character, Shay Mitchell has had ups and downs in life; however, she has learned from them and has taken the positives out of every situation. Here at Sarah Scoop, what we love best about Shay is her exuberant confidence that beams from her smile to her fashion.

1. Shay loves fashion!- She descibes her style as “indescribable and totally depends on her mood that morning”. She loves mixing high- and low-end pieces to create unique, stylish looks.

2. She’s extremely girly- Her closet is full of shoes, dresses, skirts, bags and accessories. Her favorite accessories are rings.

3. She fights against bullying!- In the spring of 2011, Shay helped launched the Be a Star Campaign. It’s an anti-bullying campaign that helps spread the message about encouraging positive social interaction and promoting a healthy lifestyle for individuals. Also, she helped ABC family promote their Delete Digital Drama campaign for the network’s original movie, Cyberbully.

4. Shay is a huge humanitarian- After Shay finished modeling in various countries around the world, she  joined forces with the Somaly Mam Foundation and helped survivors of sex trafficking and slavery. Currently, Shay is raising money for the foundation reaching out to all of her fans on Twitter and other social media outlets for help.

5. Shay originally tried out for Spencer on PLL, but was offered the role of Emily. After she read into Emily’s character, she fell in love with her and couldn’t turn down the role.

6. She’s extremely down-to-earth: When’s she’s not working she’s usually hanging out with friends, getting advice from her mom or tweeting about her activities to her many fans!

7. Shay and the PLL cast are very close! In her interview for the cover of Seventeen magazine, she shares insider info on what happens on set like pranks and how the girls are behind the scenes.

8. She’s all about empowering women!- Besides working with the Somaly Mam Foundation, Shay is all about women working together to achieve great success. “I really want to empower women to learn as much as they can and not depend on having to find a boyfriend, or be in a relationship, and to just enjoy life,” she told Advocate.com. On her website (www.shaymitchell.com) she has a section titled, “Right Hand Gals”. In this section she allowed her close circle of friends to write a mini bio about themselves, what they do, some of their interests and how they met Shay.

Want to know more about Shay? Visit her webiste, follow her on Twitter @shaymitch, and check out her tumblr! It’s full of tons of fashion inspiration, beauty tips and inspirational quotes.

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