8 Tips to Create A Really Cozy Home

Step into the internet and you will find yourself overwhelmed by quotes, especially quotes about home. But none is more accurate than this one: Home is not just a place, it is a feeling. That’s about as spot on as it gets because, no matter how often your feet make you leave your heart always clings on to that homely feeling you created.

It is that place you long for halfway through every Monday, that place you want to snuggle up in when you aren’t feeling so great, and even that place you crave when you’ve been on holiday for any longer than eight days. Home is somewhere you want to put your feet up and never want to leave. It is about making a home that is the pinnacle of inviting to everyone that waltzes through your front door, especially you.

With that in mind, we have come up with some gorgeous tips, wonderful tricks and idyllic pieces of advice, all of which will help you craft a home that makes everyone smile. The only issue you’ll have is them not wanting to leave.

From The Moment You Walk In

First impressions count for everything in this world and you only get one shot at creating them. That is why you should never underestimate the influence of an inviting entranceway. You don’t necessarily have to give your door a fresh lick of paint or add new hardware. Instead, it is all about setting the tone with little extras. Clean your front stoop and add a welcome mat that says something like, “come in and get cosy.” Get yourself one of those cute little signs that say hello and hang it where everyone can see, and get yourself a gorgeous green plant to stand guard on the inside of your front door because nothing shouts cosy like an eyeful of greenery straightaway.

No Such Thing As Too Many Layers

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that the easiest way to create that homely feeling and bring in a little bit of extra warmth is to layer your furniture with blankets, pillows and cushions. It could be that you throw a nice thick blanket over the back of your sofa, or layer your bed with a comforter or a soft blanket and some decorative pillows. To create that extra bit of comfort, try using some different shapes and sizes. Not only will this make your space more inviting, it will also allow your home to accommodate a plethora of different activities; from snuggling up on a sofa, to reading and just getting a good old nap in.

Colors Create Warmth Big Time

This is one of the most underestimated influences when it comes to creating a warm and cosy home, at least that is what all the interior designers and colour consultants we spoke to said. Yes, the effects colour has on a space is subtle and, most of the time, totally overlooked, but that is exactly what you want to achieve. You want to create a home the oozes warmth from the very foundations. You want to create the kind of warmth that influences your subconscious. Of course, the colours you choose can have a huge effect on the kind of warmth you achieve. If you want to go for a subtle and quiet kind of atmosphere, try not to go with any colours that are too bright. If it is a really cosy ambience you want to achieve, then go with an apricot shade, or a yellow, brown or any kind of neutral colour. Of course, painting your space isn’t the only way to use colour to your advantage. It could be that you use bold art hung from the walls, fun sculptures or even coloured lighting. All of these will attract the attention of you and your guests and work to create that vibe you have always been after. These little extras will almost literally pull people into your home.

Make A Piece of Furniture A Little More You

Another great way to make your home that much more cosy, homely and memorable is to either get a unique piece of furniture, such as a lifestyle lounger or chesterfield, or make your standard pieces of furniture a little more unique by personalising them. How you do this up to you. It could be that you paint the feet on your sofa or your coffee tables. It could be that you tack on some fabric or go with a total reupholstering. That is one of the best ways to take your furniture away from the world of catalogues and making them suit your personality which is, after all, what makes a home a home. Another great way to achieve this look without having to go through all the hassle of painting and tacking is to find a vintage furniture store or even a charity shop. That way you are bound to find a one-off piece, or near enough a one-off.

Smells Should Never Be Ignored

Just close your eyes and think about how amazing it would be to walk back into your home and be embraced by a gorgeous smell – lavender, magnolia, citrus, rose, anything. Good smells floating around your home is just one of those tiny details that can make a huge, huge difference to the cosiness of a home. If you aren’t sure what smell you, love, then make a note of anything that catches your fancy when you are out and about or, even better, thinks about your favourite ever holiday and the smells that envelope that trip. You could even take a mini-vacation somewhere and go with the first smell that makes your eyes light up. It also a good idea to have some form of fragrances handy so that you get rid of any bad smells that may be lingering. Sprays, diffusers, essential oil humidifier, candles, whatever you prefer.

Curtains Hold The Secret To A Cozy Home

If you are looking for quick, simple and brilliant ways to transform a room of yours then a great option to play around with is your curtains and drapes. These can radically change a space in so many ways; colour, pattern, material, texture and, most of all, length. If it is a more spacious look you want to go for then a coloured option is your best bet, while dark curtains are fantastic at making a room that little bit more inviting. As for length, there is just something special about walking into a room and seeing a long curtain and a glorious puddle of drapes on the floor. Another thing to take into consideration is the windows they cover. To enlighten you a touch more on this, south facing windows should be gifted thick curtains while every other window – the ones that catch sunlight all day long – should be covered in light curtains that take the light and make it dance. Get these in a yellow or orange and you will really enhance the ambience of a room.

Flowers And Houseplants Add A Touch of Magic

Visit any showroom in the world and you will see what common denominator that brings them all together and that is fresh flowers. What better way is there to spread a little splash of natural vibrancy than to always walk home to a fresh bunch of bright flowers. They just make a kitchen so much more welcoming and ooze that homely feeling. Of course, the idea of having fresh flowers in your home all the time can be a rather unrealistic one [cough, money], which is where a quick arrangement using beautiful vases can become your best friend, making even the cheapest supermarket flowers beautiful. Another option is to invest in houseplants instead. A bit of greenery can achieve the same feel as fresh flowers. The only difference is, houseplants cost energy instead of money.

Nooks And Crannies Play A Great Role

There is something ultra relaxing about having a designated place to relax; that little corner that you can call your quiet space. It could be a lovely, big armchair in the corner of a living room or a seat that you have built into your bay windows. It could be a hammock hung halfway up the stairs. It could even be an entire room that you designate as a snug; somewhere like the spare bedroom, basement, attic or just a part of your living room that can be separated off with sliding walls. Throw in some blankets, create a wall of books, or just put a wireless speaker in there so that you can listen to your favourite podcast. Anything you can use to add to the comfort levels should be considered. We all have nooks and crannies that go unnoticed or, worse yet, wasted. So have a look around your home, see where you can create a cosy corner and then run with your wildest Pinterest dreams.

A cosy home is a totally achievable ambition. A few tweaks here and there and, voila, you have brought your comfort levels to up and without spending too much too. Just remember that colour, texture, lighting and fabric all have an influence over a space and you’ll soon have your home feeling gooooood.

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