8 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

by Sarah Ruhlman
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If you want to make your home stand out, then adding curb appeal is one of the best ways to make your property look more inviting. Become the envy of the neighborhood with these easy tips that will add some fantastic curb appeal!

Make your front door stand out

Want a stylish way to make your home more inviting? Consider making your front door stand out with some decorations and a bit of cleaning. Symmetrical entrances are a great way to make it stand out from a distance. Simply place two plant pots on either side of the door and move your house sign to a location that doesn’t break the symmetry. It will create an eye-catching view of your home that looks fantastic.

Upgrade or remove your fencing

Either upgrade your fencing or get rid of it. Worn wooden planks and flimsy railings don’t look good at all. It looks nasty, cheap and tacky. Some good upgrade ideas include adding some hedges as fencing or simply repainting your fences with a glaze or coating to retain its wooden look but still give it some extra life. If you’re going to remove your fencing, you can still create a faux fence by using flower beds or even decorations to outline your home.

Outdoor lighting to brighten up your home

A few gooseneck sign lights around your home can do wonders to light up your property. If you want a modern touch, then adding lights to the ground can also be a great way to spice up the exterior of your property. You can even use floor lights to brighten up the path to your home to give visitors a warm welcome to your property.

Dress up your mailbox with unique extras

If your mailbox looks boring and dull, why not replace it or dress it up with some extras? Plant flowers around it, replace it with a more modern mailbox and make sure your house plate is visible on it and looks nice. Your mailbox might not be the first thing you think about when talking about curb appeal, but if it doesn’t fit the rest of your outdoor decor then it can stick out and look terrible.

Pave the way to your entrance

Whether it’s using stone tiles, a brick path or a few flowerbeds to create a path, lead yourself and your guests to the entrance of your home in style. Creating a path does require a bit of planning, but even a bit of stone and brick can go a long way if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. It’s much better than forcing yourself to walk through mud on a rainy day and it adds plenty of curb appeal that will make the neighbors envious.

Get rid of outdated and old plants

If you have dying or out-of-season plants in your driveway or in your front yard, do yourself a favour and just get rid of them! Plant some fresh new plants for the season or consider getting something completely new to breathe new life into your home. It’s a good idea to take a look at what’s popular this season and you’ll want to mix and match some colors to create a layered effect.

Clear out those gutters

If you haven’t cleaned your gutters out since autumn then they probably look nasty, full of leaves and grimy. Clean them out by flushing out all of the nasty gunk that’s clogged up in the pipes and give it a good scrub to get rid of any dirt and sediment. Gutters typically run around the roof of your home and if they’re not cleaned, they can look unsightly and frankly rather disgusting. Don’t let your gutters run the appearance of your home by ensuring they stay clear and free of junk.

Give the roof a clean and wash

If you’re going up to clear your gutters you may as well give the roof a little love as well. Sweep off any fallen leaves, scrub off any droppings you find and replace any missing tiles you find. A quick roof inspection is also great if you fear a leak due to a heavy period of rain and maintaining your roof is never a bad idea considering how vital it is to your home. However, keep in mind that climbing onto the roof can be dangerous without assistance. Always be safe when you’re attempting to clean the gutters or the roof and make sure you don’t

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Aiesha Holland November 5, 2019 - 6:19 am

Great tips about increasing the beauty of house from outside.
You can also keep your house clean and beautifull from inside by cleaning and maintaining gutters and its system to avoid bad smell.
We Provide best services of Gutter cleaning and maintenance.


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