8 Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Budget

So, you want to reduce your wedding budget. I don’t blame you; people spend a ridiculous amount of money on their weddings these days. If you don’t want to be a person who goes into debt and gets blacklisted to pay for one day in your life, try the following 8 ways to reduce your wedding budget:

Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

You’ll spend a lot of money on a makeup artist and hairdresser, so consider doing it yourself. There are lots of tutorials online, so anybody can do it! It isn’t all about expensive products, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on those either. You just need to make sure you prep your hair properly, and use makeup to suit your skin type and tone. Practice in advance so you know what you’re doing. If you still aren’t confident, see if you have a friend who would be willing to do it for you.

Buy a Regular Dress

Wedding dresses cost thousands of pounds, so why not buy a regular white dress? It doesn’t even need to be white; just buy a dress that you like and feel confident in! You don’t need to be traditional, and you’ll save thousands of pounds this way. You can always use accessories to dress it up.

Rent the Suits

Instead of buying the suits when they’ll never be used again, rent them. You’ll pay a fraction of the buying cost and save yourself a lot of hassle. Just make sure you get them all back in one piece!

Make Your Guest List Smaller

Make your guest list as small as you can. Don’t feel obliged to invite anybody that you don’t speak to. Only invite essential people if you want to save as much as possible. Very close family and friends should be the only people invited. Don’t be afraid to ask them to leave children at home either. You’ll get a smaller venue and cheaper food. Once you’ve made your guest list, simply send out free wedding invitations. You won’t believe the amount you save!

Don’t Have a Cake

Instead of spending thousands on a cake, don’t have one. Buy cupcakes instead! Make one yourself, or get a family member to do it for you. It seems silly to spend so much money on something that will just get eaten anyway!

Forget Giving Favors

Your guests probably won’t even notice if you don’t give them favours. If you must give favours, they should be thoughtful – not just a bag of almonds. How about a little pouch of flower seeds? It’s cute, different, and cheap!

Marry Out of Peak Season

Don’t get married during summer on a saturday, because you’ll pay so much more money. Instead, get married out of peak season during the week. Just let your guests know well in advance so they can get it off work. If they can’t get it off, you make your guest list smaller. It’s a win-win situation!

Get Married Abroad

A lot of people say that marrying abroad is much cheaper, and you’re already in a gorgeous location so little work is needed.

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