9 Creative Ways to Embrace Spring

by Sarah Scoop

As we make our way through the month of March, it is time to say farewell to winter and hello to spring. With light rains splashing the dormant world awake, sunlight gently warming what was once frozen, blooms of color returning to the plants that went bare earlier in the year, and the celebration of Easter, spring is truly a time of renewal. In honor of the arrival of this life-giving season, we have come up with our favorite ways to draw creative inspiration from this beautiful season. From decorations to drinks and eats, here are 9 creative ways to embrace spring:

1) Blooming Monogram Wreath

This DIY wreath project is a beautiful way to decorate with the bright blooms of spring. Also, there are so many different types of fake flowers that you can use to customize this project (personally, I think sunflowers would be adorable). Whether you hang this wreath on your front door or somewhere inside your home, this blooming monogram is an adorable way to bring spring into your life.

2) Burlap Picture Frame Decoration

Another extremely easy way to decorate your house for spring is this cute picture frame idea. All you need to make this work is a picture frame, burlap, pastel paint, and a bird stencil. Once again this project can easily be modified depending on your preference. For example, you could use a different color of paint, or you could use a bunny or a flower stencil.

3) Bright Citrus Floral Arrangement

Whether you are having a party or just want to decorate for yourself, this lemon floral arrangement is a beautiful spring decoration. Not only does the lemons’ bright yellow color resemble spring sunshine, but lemons also are a way to make flowers last longer. So really this arrangement is a win-win situation!

4) Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Speaking of lemons, this easy drink recipe is a great choice to serve this spring. You will definitely amaze your guests with the presentation of this beautiful pastel purple drink that tastes like heaven.

5) Strawberry Cocktail

If you are looking for a drink with a stronger kick than lemonade, this strawberry cocktail is a beautiful spring treat for adult sippers. Also, with it only taking a few ingredients, it is a simple and fast way to impress.

6) Carrot Patch Cupcakes

With sweet tastes in mind, this adorable cupcake recipe cannot be overlooked. Using a dipped strawberry to look like a carrot, these chocolate buttercream cupcakes are a delicious treat that both adults and children can enjoy.

7) Peeps Skillet S’mores

When I think of Easter treats, it is hard not to think of Peeps. These marshmallow birdies are not exactly the best tasting, but they are definitely nostalgic. A fun way to play on the nostalgia of this treat, while also making something that’s actually yummy, is this recipe for s’mores in a skillet.

8) Strawberry Couscous Salad

Desserts and sweets aren’t the only foods that can be inspired by spring. One of my favorite parts of spring is incorporating fruit in to salad. This strawberry couscous spinach salad is an excellent example for bringing both the colors and tastes of spring in to your cooking.

9) Veggie Spring Rolls

Another great way to incorporate the colors and flavors of spring, are these easy veggie spring rolls. Whether it is on Easter or another event you have this spring, these are a really great appetizer idea to serve guests this spring: plus, they are extremely healthy.

As we leave winter behind, and look forward to spring, I hope these creative ideas help you to embrace the changing seasons.

Which one of these ideas do you want to try first? 

Let us know in the comment below.

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Holly Long June 4, 2017 - 12:10 pm

Very cute! many of these ideas can be carried over through the summer months.


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