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by Sarah Scoop
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With all these new people on Dating Naked season 3, we definitely don’t want to forget about our favorites from season 2! Who remembers Dan Medina?! Let’s get the inside scoop on Dan and see what he’s been up to!


Tell us about yourself.

I’m an artist and inspiring innovator. I thrive off of new ideas and beauty. I am always

trying to be the best person I can be and I love to be inspired by those around me. I

have not always been this way. I’ve had a long a winding road, with many ups and

downs and broken hearts. I love to love and love being passionate.


What kind of hobbies did you have growing up and now?

My hobbies growing up varied in different genres. I was always into anything artistic

that exhibited a way of expression: Graffiti, comics, painting, tattoos, music. I was also

heavily influenced by different sports such as Basketball, football, soccer, volleyball,

skateboarding and hockey. Wasn’t a huge baseball fan, though looking back on it now, I

should have played. I also loved all types of genres of music but early on was

influenced by rap/ hip-hop/ rock/ grunge/metal etc.


What inspired you to go on Dating Naked?

Dating Naked was an opportunity. I was in a different place in my life where I needed

to separate the daily routines with finding a way to get to the next step in life. The show

enabled me to leave my routine and forced me to keep my mind open. The idea that I

would find love on the show was unlikely at the time. I just wanted to see if I could

overcome the obvious naked exposure and still connect with someone, while getting to

know more people who would even consider doing it also. Truthfully, I had no idea what

I was getting myself into. Before season 2 aired, I had never watched an episode

before. I had an old friend/ aquatint that was one the first season, so in my rational it

couldn’t have been that bad.


What struggles do you face while on Dating Naked?

What was going through my head the entire filming process of Dating Naked was;

“What am I going to do when I get back?” I had quit my day job for this opportunity and

really put it all on the line, which was pretty stressful. Besides the conflict with Mason

and the other guy, (I forget his name), there really wasn’t much struggle. Everyone likes

to be a tough guy when provoked and I guess the casting was done well with tons of

testosterone in the house. Fortunately, that shit doesn’t push my buttons, even though

they made me out to look like the bad boy, I think I avoided struggles and conflicts with

maturity. Kerri was amazing and it was frustrating trying to open her eyes to reality and

to the games she was being led into with the different guys in the house, but I wouldn’t

call it a struggle.


What is your ideal “type”?

Million-dollar question. I’m still looking for this “ideal”. At one time I would have said

something superficial like: blonde or brunette with curves and a nice ass or boobs etc.

But now, though those features are always a plus, I think substance is attractive. You

have to be beyond just sexy. I crave a personality, an adventurous but motherly spirit

who is health conscious and affectionate. I need someone who is understanding and

still willing to push me to the edge of my own limits. (Someone sort of like Karen from



After the show, where do you see yourself?

After the show I didn’t really see myself returning to the same lifestyle. I wanted to

pursue my art and passion more. I wanted to get involved with as much as possible and

have been working on do so since.


What would you say is your life motto?

I dream my paintings and I paint my dreams.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Margot Robbie, Jenifer Lopez, Nicole Arbour, Jenifer Lawrence


What kind of shows/movies have you been watching?

I’ve been watching Silicon Valley, Californication, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot,

Sherlock, x-files, big bang theory, Ballers, Ink Masters

Movies -Tarzan, Dory, Batman vs Superman, waiting on Suicide Squad and a few others.


Favorite type of food?

Anything home cooked! I love to cook! Also, anything healthy but in the fusion genres. I

like Italian, French, Spanish- Hispanic and German. Sushi is on there too! Basically I

will try anything, I’m a food lover, just trying to be more health conscious.


Favorite kind of music/favorite artist?

I wouldn’t say I have one favorite artist or kind of music. I appreciate all kinds of music

and see something different in all expressions. Some relatable kinds would be rap/ hip-

hop, rock, indie, reggae, dub step, grunge and lot of other genres. Some of my tops

would be: Nas, Logic, G-Eazy, Glass Animals, Rebelution, DJ Snake, Wu-tang, Future,

Drake, Zhu, Frank Sinartra, Winsin Y Yandel, Rage Against The Machine, Tchami,

Meek Mill, Pretty Lights, Jadakiss, Hozier, Pete Rock, Metallica, Pearl Jam


What is your ideal date?

What is your ideal date?

My ideal date would be somewhere we both have never been. We could explore and

learn together; preferably warm weather but not against the cold. I’m a romantic, so

ambiance is everything! The ideal date would be fully inclusive of adventures, food,

conversations of depth, and one on one relaxation and alone time. I would like us both

to have the opportunity to show off (peacock if you will) our most passionate or talented

skills then work on something together that we both have never done before, forcing us

to cooperate.


What is your biggest turn on and biggest turn off in a girl?

My biggest turn on is someone who is affectionate and in great shape. I love beauty,

and naturally as an artist I will try to find it anything. But some women have it inside and

out- so someone who expresses that and has a sexy smile too, and nice lips to go with

a healthy body- FULL Package!

Biggest turn off would be smokers or pessimists.


What would you say is the most challenging part of dating?

Communication! This is easier said than done! Communication is about the good bad

and ugly, not excluding vulnerable and embarrassing!


What is a must-have trait a girl has to have to date her?

Must have a sense of humor! I want to laugh! I want to make her laugh! Laughing is the

best medicine for happiness! Ability to thirst knowledge is important too. You can’t just

have a stand-up comedian; you need to separate seriousness with humor.


What do you like most about being in a relationship?

Affection and growth. I love being inspired by both! I have so much love to give and

when I’m in a relationship I want to indulge my everything into it!


What do you like most about being single?

Being single gives me more time to really figure out what I want from opposite sex. It

helps me pick apart my own strengths and weaknesses but also makes more aware of

my surroundings and who plays a part in my life.


What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone about dating?

Make sure if it’s not your first relationship, to be honest with yourself and with the other

person. The honesty should include not repeating the same pattern that made the

previous relationships spoil. Take emotions serious. We live in a time period where they

are used and abused and instant gratification conquer love, while giving illusions of real

passion. If it is a first time relationship, be yourself. You should always be yourself, but

being yourself can change with way you change as a person. Be yourself and grow with

yourself and then with your significant other!


What was the funniest thing that happened on the show?

Pogo sticking- like really??? A pogo stick!? It had to be one of the most award dates I

have ever been on! Everyone in the house had a great sense of humor too. There was

a lot of joking and being silly on and off camera!


What do you hope people learn from Dating Naked?

I hope that we all stay in contact throughout life and we also expose our true talents for

better responsibilities in our own lives. I hope we all learn to break down barriers and

lead as examples.


What kind of reactions did you get when you told people you would be on Dating Naked?

Most people were in shock and would laugh. Some disgusted and judgmental. I don’t

really care either way though. I did it, I learned and I’m here now.


Do friends/family treat you any differently since being on Dating Naked?

Absolutely! Family not so much. Friends either bring it up all the time or ask questions.

The work world discriminates at times and some opportunities seem hard to reach

because of it. – that could just be me though; instead of thinking of those type of

questions I like to try and be positive and not use “differently” as a measure.


Any last words of life advice?

Live. Laugh. Love.

Dream your paintings & paint your dreams~

The Creator Created Creations to Create!

Create a life you love!

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