Chocolate Fashion Show

Everyone knows the two best friends a girl could have are a closet full of fabulous clothes and a big bar of chocolate, but what would happen of we combined the two? Well, no need to try and work out the result, Le Salon du Chocolat can do that for you! Le Salon du Chocolat brings together the producers and consumers of chocolate to celebrate the deliciousness of everyone’s favorite snack! They have various exhibits going on throughout the week ranging from a live music show, recipe demonstrations, a chocolate award show and of course, a fashion show!

This years chocolate fashion show is the 18th Annual Show and it will showcase the world of chocolate and fashion combined from six areas of the world including Asia, Africa and Brazil. What is a chocolate dress like? Or just what can we expect this year judging by past years, you may ask… Well, here are some images of the show last year. BEWARE! The results might just blow your mind!

The Salon du Chocolat runs from October 31st until November 4th so make sure you check out the pictures from this years exhibit. We definitely will be! What do you think of this fashion show? Does a chocolate dress seem like a fabulous concept? It definitely brings a whole new meaning to “you are what you eat!”




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