A Cleansing Solution for Both Face and Body: Olay Cleansing Infusions

by Sarah Scoop
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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


Everyone including myself has experienced some type of aging. I find that cleansing my skin has been a huge part of not only taking care of my skin, but also keeping my skin looking young and fresh like it did when I was younger. With the new Olay Cleansing Infusions for both face and body, you will glow up as you grow up! I’ve been obsessed ever since I got my hands on this product because I no longer have to use harsh cleansers that leave my skin feeling dry and stripped. With Olay Cleansing Infusions, my skin finally feels cared for.

About the Collection

This breakthrough lineup of cleansers draws out impurities and draws in hydration for naturally glowing skin. The line contains biorenewing hydrators that improve your skin’s condition as you wash, revealing your natural glow. The products also improve skin radiance by hydrating to better reflect light as tested using Olay’s unique chromometer technology. And lastly, the Crushed Ginger body wash and facial cleanser contain exfoliators that break down as you wash, creating a micropolishing effect that reveals a smooth surface for healthy-looking, healthy-feeling skin.

The product line includes:

  • Two facial cleansers that retail for $6.99
    • Olay Micropolishing Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Glow Facial Cleanser with Crushed
      Ginger & Citrus Extract
    • Olay Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Glow Facial Cleanser with Deep Sea Kelp & Aloe
  • Two body washes that retail for $4.97

One of my other favorite things about this collection is the sleek and easy to use design of the bottles themselves. I easily found the product in my local Ulta store and it is a great addition to my bathroom counter.


In the summer, we all want that naturally glowing, radiant skin. When your skin is moisturized and cleansed all year round, it naturally glows with no highlighter or summer tan required.

So I did a little test after using the Olay Cleansing Infusions for just over a month. With a little tilt of my face or body, my skin naturally captures the light just right to show my natural glow. I realized that this is all due to the Olay Cleansing Infusions and I have never been happier with the way my skin looks just in time for summer.

Who else is ready to try the #TiltTest? Pick up the Olay Cleansing Infusions at your local Ulta store and share your results below! Also get the scoop on Why Olay Whips is the Perfect Moisturizer.

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