A D.I.Y. guide to summer nails

Even though the first official day of summer isn’t here yet, summer styles have already made their arrival. Neon colors, unique prints and graphic designs are here. And that’s just for your nails!

Nail art has always been around, but this time D.I.Y. nail art is popping everywhere. Inspiration can come from the simplest forms and these easy, D.I.Y. designs can turn your nails into the next fashion DO, saving you money along the way.

Mapping Your Nails-
One of the hottest nail trends can most likely be found in your home! Grab any kind of map to get started. If you don’t have one, printing one out works just the same.

What you need:
-White nail polish
-Clear nail polish
-Rubbing alcohol

1) Paint two coats of white nail polish and let it dry.
2) Cut map into small pieces (the size of your nail will work best).
3) Put rubbing alcohol onto the back of the map and rub it onto your nail for a minute.
4) Gently pull off and the map design will be on your nail!
5) Apply a coat of clear nail polish and wait for them to dry.


Nautical Nails:
What else says ‘summer’ than being on a boat? And when your nails are sporting a nautical theme on a boat, that’s as summer as you can get!

What you need:
-Nautical Blue polish (this one is American Apparel’s ‘Passport Blue’
-Red polish (this one is ‘Geranium’ by Essie.
-Clear Coat
-White strips (the ones that come in manicure kits work best.)
-Small paint brush

1) Paint the first coat blue.2) Apply the manicure strips to your nails, two per nail, and cut them to fit.
3) Use the thin paint brush to paint hearts of the nails of your choice.
4) Paint on the clear coat and let them dry.

Bright Colors:
An easy way for your nails to just scream ‘summer’ is to make them shout with bright colors! This classic way takes your nails further with just a little sparkle.

What you need:
-Bright nail polish (any color will work)
-Glitter nail polish
-Clear coat

1) Paint your nails with the bright color of your choice.
2) Pick a finger (this picture shows the two ring fingers) and paint them with silver glitter.
3) Finish your nails with a coat of clear polish and wait for them to dry.

All of these designs and more can be found on Pinterest!


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    • jamiewisniewski
    • June 6, 2012

    Can’t wait to try the map design!

    • Bianca
    • June 25, 2012

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