A Dog’s Way Home Movie Review

by Sarah Scoop
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Cue the happy tears and smiles, the latest book from best-selling author W. Bruce Cameron (A Dog’s Purpose) turned movie is A Dog’s Way Home.  It is the heartwarming and exciting story of a stray pit bull named Bella who becomes separated from Lucas, the man who rescued her and manages to navigate the 400 mile journey back to him.  Along the way, she meets a series of new friends (animal and human) and manages to bring a little bit of comfort and joy to their lives.

Attending a movie premier when the movie stars Ashley Judd, the featured dog is there, they are giving out free popcorn and soda, sign me up!

A Dog’s Way Home is rated PG, family friendly and a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon or evening.  A Dog’s Way Home opens in all theaters on January 11, 2019.

I couldn’t write a movie review about a dog movie without showing my own rescue dog.   Pictured is Oscar, a 10 lb terrier mix rescued from Wayside Waifs in 2016, whom we hope never gets 400 miles from home. 

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