A Fashionista’s Guide to Packing Minimally

I’m a “just-in-case” packer. It’s a serious problem, I’m aware. So when my trip adviser for my up and coming trip to told me I could only bring one carry-on luggage and a backpack, I cringed in fear. “How are all my clothes and shoes going to fit!?” Don’t panic fashionistas, here are some tips to pack simple and minimal for those summer trips!
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I’m calling it: The Two week, One Carry-On Challenge.

Ideally, you want to create a variety of options with staple pieces you decided to bring. This will eliminate the dreaded repetition of outfits. Having one shirt able to pair with three bottoms cuts your packing down automatically. To give you an idea, I am bringing a grey, black, maroon, and two white V-neck T-shirts that I know will match any one of my bottoms: khaki high-waisted shorts, wide leg floral pants, grey harem pants, black harem pants, a floral long skirt, and a striped long skirt. When dressing modestly, you don’t want clothing too tight or too short or anything that insinuates your curves. This is important when traveling to another country; women around the world are usually more covered-up than that of American women, some by choice others because of religions, as an example.
Here is one way of sprucing-up the team T-shirt. By pairing it with the simple khaki shorts keeps it simple, but the leopard print belt adds the dash of style that is missing from the outfit. Instead of this T-shirt, you could swap any of the solid color T-shirts listed above to give you a new outfit each time! That’s five total outfits already!
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Ankle-length skirts are modest, but also so “in” right now! Both of these are thrifted from the Salvation Army at $4 each. A tip on making your clothes fit into the carry-on luggage, like these long skirts, is to roll each item instead folding your clothes normally. By rolling your clothes, you leave ample room and are able to fit more!
If you plan to hit the pool, here is a modest thrifted one-piece swimsuit in a pop of color! Paired with a vintage hot-pink chain-linked purse and Vans sunglasses, you can pair this with a sassy sarong or a long skirt to complete the look.
If long skirts aren’t really your thing, here are two examples of modest summer dresses. This blue H&M dress (left) or this firecracker red Forever 21 dress (right) can be dressed-up for a night time outing or dressed-down with the leopard belt and sandals for a relaxed day shopping for souvenirs.
Yes, your beauty essentials also have fit in this one carry-on suitcase. This travel pack is from Target for just $2 and works perfectly for lotions, shampoo, condition or body wash. It even comes with labels! You can also find this travel sized toothpaste and shaving gel in the traveler section of Target; all of these bottles shown in this photo meet the liquid carry-on requirements.

I hope these tips have made every fashionista’s nightmare into something manageable! Safe travels and have fun packing minimally!

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