A Fasting Guide – Two Different Fast Types For You to Consider

by Veronika Yatskevich
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There are actually several benefits to fasting. Firstly, fasting can help you shed those extra pounds that you’ve been working so hard to get rid of. It can also help you look younger. By increasing ketone levels, your body will be able to control your oxidative stress levels much better. Fasting also lessens your chance of having cancer and helps boost your immune system by releasing any inflammation within your body.

There are two types of fasts that may be beneficial to you and either one will help you achieve your weight loss goals while doing your body a huge favor be releasing those nasty toxins that live inside of you.

The Seven Day Water Fast

You may think that drinking water for seven days straight and not eating is crazy. However, the benefits are astonishing when it comes to cleaning out your body. Since you don’t have a calorie intake in these seven days, you’ll lose fat much faster. Your blood sugar levels will be under control, it helps lower the risk of getting heart disease, it cures problems within your digestive system including constipation, IBS, and so on. Water fasting also has a great impact on your mental being. By fasting these seven days, you will go through a spiritual journey and have control over your life. You’ll notice that you’ll think more clearly after the seven days are up. Why let food control your day to day decisions?

The Bone Broth Diet

It has recently been discovered that bone broth has many health benefits. Bone broth has amazing benefits including collagen which helps form tissue in the GI tract. One of the greatest benefits of collagen is that it gives you a natural glow. So, put down the highlighter because you won’t need to apply makeup while doing this fast. Bone broth also contains many minerals that provide your body with necessary nutrients to survive. Bone broth is also fantastic to use as a detox as it produces glutathione as a detoxifier. It’s also been known to improve brain activity through neurotransmitters that are necessary for sleep.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready for your glow up? You’ll be feeling happy, healthy, enlightened and beautiful after trying out one of these two fasts.

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