Acne be GONE!: Clinique Acne Solutions Review

Like most young women, I  too had to deal with breakouts throughout my teenage years.  Even now at 20 I still deal with annoying blemishes from time to time.  I decided that my battle with acne had gone far enough, and I needed to prevail in this war- pimple-free.  So I researched tons of acne products that promised to help my skin.  I wanted something that would make my acne be gone for good, and that would leave my face feeling fresh and clean in the process.

It works, and I know this for a fact- I use it!

My mom saw the predicament I was in and told me about Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System.  With her being a Clinique fan because it helped her face feel smooth and fresh, she bought me the acne system which consists of a cleansing foam, clarifying lotion, and clearing moisturizer to see if I would see similar results.  I was intrigued to say the least.  Anything that promises to help I was all for- plus the bottles come in mint blue which made this kit a little more appealing (I like using products that LOOK good, too- don’t we all?)  After seeing that the ingredients included Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, I was sold-  I knew from using other acne products when I was younger that these two ingredients are a must if you want clear skin.

So I started by using the system once a day, gradually using it twice a day after I saw that it didn’t harm my skin.  I was floored after the first week!  Red spots on my face from a few days prior to me using the system had diminished, and my skin began to have a healthy glow to it.  Now after about a month of use I continue to have a clear skin- even a few acne scars I have had for YEARS have started to fade.

The only thing I regret?  Not buying this sooner (thanks, Mom!).

You too can have results like this!  It is sold in Sephora, online, and all department stores with beauty counters.  If you are still a bit skeptical you can try the Starter Kit, which includes all three products for only $34.  For the full size kit the price is a little more, at around $51.  I have the full size kit and it lasts very long, I can see having it for about another month or more.  You can also buy the products separately, if you run out of something quicker than the others.

My face has not looked this good since before I hit puberty, and yours could too, all thanks to Clinique.  Here’s to clear skin!!!

-Kairi C.

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