Acrylic Vs. Gel Nails


It’s time to get your monthly manicure. You walk into your favorite nail salon with your magazine under your arm, all ready to go, when the manicurist asks “acrylic or gel?” What? All of the sudden, you’re faced with a two-sided dilemma, in which you don’t know the whole story on either side. Wipe that sweat off your forehead, because Sarah Scoop is here to give a crash course on acrylic and gel nails.  Get the scoop on Acrylic Vs. Gel Nails.

Acrylic Nails

  • Yes, these are the fake nails that have reigned supreme in the world of women for years now. A special powder and water combine to apply a specific shape to the nail, and can range from an average nail length to inches long. As you may know if you have gotten these at your local salon, acrylic nails are artificial stick-on nails that can endure for weeks. As well, they are becoming more and more affluent in your local beauty & drug stores.

Gel Nails

  • Gel nails have started hitting the salons a little more recently than the acrylic nails. Gel nails require a base coat, the color coat, and a top coat. Sounds like what you do at home, right? Well, there’s one big catch: gel nails require a UV light to dry. Yet, they tend to be more natural than acrylic nails.

So, which one?

At the end of the day, they both have their ups and their downs. Acrylic nails can last up to 6 weeks, are simple to fix, effortless to remove by a professional, and are incredibly durable. Gel nails are shinier, have a more natural look, don’t smell bad, and require less attention. Even with these positives going for them, acrylic nails can be damaging to your nails if not treated properly, and can look less natural. Gel nails aren’t as durable, harder to upkeep on your own, and have to be filed completely off.

When it comes to choosing your nails, it really depends on what your looking for in a nail product.

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    • nailgurl
    • May 15, 2013

    acrylic is not a special powdet mixef with water. it is a powder polymer mixed with a liquid monomer the create acrylic.
    also,chemically speaking …. gel is acrylic, it just needs uv to cure it.
    acrylic is harder, and gel is more flexible.

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