How To: Add Traditional Wood Designs Into Your Home

With the modern elements of the home being plastic, metal, glass and leather, it seems like wood may be on the way out of the home interior design. And yet, many people admire the look of wood in their homes because it’s a very human form of furnishing. It takes skill and patience to create beautiful works of art, which also function as useable decor in your home. As well as this, it just seems as if the metal is a bit lifeless. It’s very practical but it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance nor will it require you to be as careful around it. Wood, on the other hand, is alive, it needs to be polished and varnished every so often.

It expands and contracts with the room temperature, and if you’re not careful, you might chip it, exposing the wood underneath the surface. There is a definite romance that wood brings to a home. It’s very traditional, and because of how pliable it is, there are so many designs that artists and carpenters have made from centuries of honing their love of carving. You too can bring in wood into your home, the only challenge is finding the correct place for it.


Aside from perhaps your bedside table, there may not be much else that is made out of purely wood in your home. However a traditional drawer would be a great addition to your home, not just for the practical capabilities it offers in terms of storage, but it’s a chance to be imaginative. You can be outlandish with the design of the surface top, with winged and elevated curls that extend further than the structural diameter.

You may find that you can incorporate any metal for the lines of the pull-out drawers themselves, with the lining being from gold or silver making the best impact. The wood itself should be varnished to a high gloss because it will be underneath your waist height. In order to make an impact, the drawer should allow the light to bounce off it; thus the use of high-quality wood is perhaps the only choice for this desire. Oak is great, but the best is and always will be, mahogany.


Chairs and tables

There’s nothing more lifeless than the clang of metal on metal when you’re eating. There’s no flair, no sense of occasion when you’re dining on such a rigid material. Your dining room should be alive and capable of expressing your love for nature. A superb classic dining set would bring wood into your home, in an all too traditional sense. The glorious seats with their carved backrests, and the large, smooth dining table, that purely welcomes everyone to sit around and socialize.

You can have large rectangle tables with a lip that contours downward, and entails a steady hand from the carpenter, showcasing attention to detail. Or you can have roundtables, which are great for families who wish to dine together every night. Wood doesn’t become as cold as metal, during the winter months, yet it can absorb some heat from the sun and not be blisteringly scorching like metal, in turn, would be.

A great, malleable material such as wood, as the best of both worlds. You can have some of the finest artistic endeavors, splayed out in wood. Yet it’s a very practical option for your dining room because it brings a whole new lease of life into the experience.

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