Is The Air Quality Of Your Home Healthy? – Read On To Find Out


It’s not something that we tend to think consciously about much, but the air that we breathe can have a massive effect on our health and well-being. There are several reasons that the air quality in your home might be sub-par.


The first is that you may have damp, which encourage the growth of mold spores. The problem with that is that if left untreated these spores can be released into the air and get breathed in by people living in that space. These spores can aggravate all sorts of breathing problems including Asthma.

That’s why it’s essential to treat damp as soon as it becomes apparent. Use a dehumidifier to remove the damp and spores from the air.

You will also need to investigate what is causing the damp in the first place. Bad gettering can cause wet spots to occur on inside walls, because water is leaking through. Rising damp is a more serious problem and can be stopped by getting the foundations of your home treated.

Air Ducts

Another issue with air quality can come from dirty air ducts. Those that live in busy built up areas like cities reply on their air ducts to provide fresh, clean air into their homes. Unfortunately, just like most things in the home, air ducts are not self-cleaning. This means that they can easily get full of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances.

This can be avoided though if you have your air ducts cleaned and maintained regularly. Use a professional company like One Hour Air for this job, as air ducts can be difficult to get to and clean thoroughly.


A severe risk to the air quality of your home is if you have asbestos insulating. Many people are unaware that asbestos lurks in their home, but is is known cancer causing agent if inhaled.


The risk occurs when the asbestos is disturbed without taking proper precautions. Then enables the fibers to become airborne and makes it very easy to breathe them in. Go here for some more information on how to deal with asbestos in a safe way.


Our pets are often the most beloved part of our home. But it is worth remembering that their presence can affect the quality of breathable air within your home. Pet dander, which is the hairs and skin particles that your cat or dog sheds, can be especially problematic for people with pet allergies.

One way of dealing with this is only to have hypoallergenic breeds, such as these Sphynx cats.  If you already have a pet that isn’t of this type and wants them to stay, ensure that they are groomed regularly outside of the house. Then the majority of the danger won’t be circulating in your living space. You can also take antihistamines to help deal with symptoms when they get too bad! Don’t forget to stock up on tissues for running noses and sneezing as well!  

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