Alanis Morissette on Creativity, Intimacy and Women

Just recently Alanis Morissette attended and spoke at the DLDwomen convention in Munich. She sat down with chairwoman Maria Furtwangler-Burda and had a lovely chat, investigating the evolution of women, intimacy, and of course creativity. The DLD (Digital-Life-Design )is an association which connections, “digital, media, science and culture” gathering all the top players in the world together for conversation and exchange.

Alanis Morissette is a huge female inspiration as she is one of the most successful female musical artists of all time. She has won 16 Juno awards, 7 Grammys, nominated for 2 Golden Globe Awards and she was shortlisted for an Academy nomination. She is known for her domination of the 90’s thanks to her  break out album Jagged Little Pill, which sold over 33 million globally. Safe to say she is a powerhouse. As a musician she is still creating today as her latest album is set to release in the United States in August of this year.

In the interview, Alanis speaks about her creativity or in other words her servitude. She explains that her creativity begins by listening and heeding. She listens to herself and allows it all to come out onto pen and pad and then eventually music. However, having the ability to outwardly express takes courage. The moderator, Maria, points out how much courage it takes to be truthful and revealing, however Alanis reminds her it takes more courage to apply truth and what she’s expressed to real life relationships and even more courage to do so as woman. It is at this point in the interview where a few things begin to happen. The first, is a moment of clarification on what the results of truthfulness are. Truth, in the sense of “surrendering and receptivity”, a phrase Alanis uses more than once in the interview, is a way of opening up wholly, shutting nothing out. Throughout history, especially for women, we are told to be demur, or peaceful, shutting out parts of our selves such as anger, which in reality leads to more destruction and fraudulence. So as an artist, its Alanis’s job to keep reminding herself, and by effect others, of her/their wholeness. Then, applying this “wholeness of being” to everyday life. Thereby instituting a healthy intimacy with yourself and others.

What is so amazing and empowering is that after all this talk of creativity and intimacy, Alanis expresses to the audience that we live in a time where thankfully this is all okay. Being an alpha woman who creates and courageously exposes her full being to everyone is no longer shameful. Alpha women can work along side alpha men and still provide beta roles and it’s all right. Then, Alanis quickly summarizes the evolution of women:  Dependence, Independence, and (now) Interdependence. First women played second-class roles, letting the male lead without question. Then, the empowering kick-start to feminism came, she calls it “burning of the bras”, which was much needed but resulted in disconnect. Now, Morissette talks about an “Interdependence”, which is more authentic (intimate) to women’s beings as it allow them to be say, “I need you and you need me and its okay”. Women, in Alanis Morissette’s opinion, are more naturally drawn to intimacy and connection and so “interdependency” allows, organically, for wholeness of being.

Alanis Morissette delves into her theory quite wonderfully and makes for an inspiring interview.  I encourage you Scoopers to check out what she has to say below.


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    • Julie
    • July 29, 2012

    Amazing woman, thanks for sharing.

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