Aldi’s Sangria Is Less than $6 & Perfect For Patio Nights

by Sarah Scoop
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Aldi is a great place to find cheap (but good) alcohol. Their new summer Sangria is no exception. Aldi’s sangria is available in both red and white and is the perfect summer beverage. You can also grab some brownie hummus or KETO ice cream from our ALDI FINDS!

The bottles are 1.5 L each, only $5.99, and contain 7% alcohol. It’s light, crisp and fruity. You won’t regret bringing a bottle of this home with you!

Bottles of Aldi's sangria at the store
Aldi’s White Sangria

How to serve Aldi Sangria:

Serve this sangria chilled, on its own, or in a glass with ice. You can also experiment with the fruit of your choice and a splash of brandy to make a fruity summer sangria! If you’re looking to try something new, here you go. This is light and refreshing. There are also so many different types of sangria, so there are lots of different options to mix it up. Try it with your favorite fruits!

Aldi's white sangria
Aldi’s White Sangria

Sangria is light and sweet which makes it the perfect summer drink. The white is a bit lighter and crisper than the red. If you like a drink with a bit more depth, the red is for you. Since this drink is so light, it makes it perfect for the summer heat. You can drink this at any time of day! Enjoy it with an evening dinner at 7 pm, or earlier in the day at an afternoon picnic.

Shelf of sangria at Aldis
Aldi’s White Sangria

Aldi’s sangria is the perfect drink to serve at any party or social gathering. People like Aldi’s sangria pretty universally, and it’s super easy to get/make! The bottle is also a nice size for a low price–you could easily split it between a few people. As mentioned earlier, it’s super easy to throw it in a pitcher with some fruit! That will really give your sangria and elevated look and taste.

Bottle of Aldi sangria

This is a seasonal item for summer, so make sure to get it before it’s gone!

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