All White Lady Suit.


Suits aren’t just for men anymore. With ladies leaning more and more towards men’s wear, the phrase anything you can do, I can do better.. is soo true. Women are taking men’s wear and putting such glam and elegance onto it that it’s hard to stay away. These women are wearing suits but looking very lady-like and even sexy! The suit can make you look polished and it’s an alternative when you just want to wear pants. Many stores carry this ensemble like White House| Black Market, BCBG and Ann Taylor.

With this outfit you can add a bow tie, or a thin tie. Do no tie at all and add an eye catching necklace. Style your hair up or down. One thing you must not forget, the heels. Go for the most girly heels you can find to keep the glam effect in your outfit. Oh and by the way, you can definitely do the Lady Suit in other colors and even with shorts. So next time you want to dress up and don’t really feel like wearing a dress, try the suit. You’ll look elegant and may I say beautiful. 

-Flaribel B.

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