Alternative to a Classic Breakfast Sandwich

Bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel is a classic breakfast sandwich. It’s warm, melty and it has bacon! Although this treat is delicious, it’s also filled with calories. Here’s an alternative that will satisfy you in a healthier way.

Use egg whites instead of the whole egg. Yolks are not bad for you, but the white part has no fat and cholesterol.

Substitute turkey bacon or your favorite morning star “faken” for regular bacon. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a huge difference between the two, but turkey will have slightly fewer calories and even a little vitamin C.

Go for fresh cheese or a low-fat packaged one. Once melted you can’t tell the difference in taste, but it will provide you with another way to cut the calories.

Opt for a whole wheat english muffin instead of a bagel. There’s nothing better than fresh bagels, but it’s hard to know their nutritional facts. The english muffin is smaller and will reduce your carbohydrate intake.

If you find yourself not feeling as full, have a side of fresh fruit to complete your meal.



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