And let us eat cak- well, cupcakes! – Crumbs’ Bake Shop

I love desserts.  Nothing makes me happier than a bowl of ice cream or freshly-baked brownies- that is until me and a friend of mine decided to go shopping in Greenwich Village one day. Boy was I in for a treat- literally!  We stumbled across Crumbs’ Bake Shop and decided to check it out.  Upon entering the store my sweet tooth went into overdrive!  Cupcakes the size of my entire hand, in some of my favorite flavors.  Red Velvet, Caramel Apple, White Hot Chocolate, oh my!

   It was so hard to choose just one!  I ended up deciding on Cookie Dough- great choice.  I bit into my vanilla cupcake with cookie dough pieces and was sent into sugar shock.  The vanilla cream cheese frosting and chocolate fudge filling was enough to make me buy another one for my family to try, and another one for myself.  With the average cupcake being around four dollars I didn’t break the bank- and the size you get for the money you spend is well worth it!  If the cupcake didn’t have me in a sweet frenzy already, we then asked the store associate to make us some homemade sparkling lemonade, a favorite in the store.  Deeeelicious I tell you.

  So now a few of us have a dilemma- you’ve heard about these wonderful cupcakes and want to experience this sugary explosion for yourself…

…But you don’t live in New York or the tri-state area.  Or California, Virginia, Illinois, and Washington, DC for that matter, where there are also Crumbs’ Bake Shops.

Well you are just in luck because Crumbs ships!  If you live within a 48 hour mailing address from NYC, you can have these cupcakes sent to your door!  Go online to to see all the many options to choose from and have these treats mailed to you- they even have Taste Packs if you cannot choose just one (I know I couldn’t).  These take the word cupcake to a whole new level, so make sure you all get your hands (and mouths) on one soon!


-Kairi C.

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    • Ke'Cha
    • March 29, 2012

    …lemonadeeeee. yes. <3

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