App Review: The Collection from The New York Times

For the fashionista, this iPad app is for you! I recently found out about this app while reading the Sunday Styles section in the New York Times, which is a Sunday morning tradition along with a cup of coffee and breakfast.

If the New York Times is not available in your area, or even if it is- this app has become my new must-have and I highly recommend downloading it. Here’s a sample shot of what the app looks like! credit:

The app is all-inclusive! With everything from runway photos and videos, street style, and the latest in the fashion and beauty industry including new beauty and health products on the market.

My favorite part of the app is that they put the latest cover stories each week onto the app for free! So you don’t even have to buy the paper, just download the free app!


What’s your favorite app/newspaper? Let me know in the comments!


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