My Attempt at a Bow Bouquet for a Wedding Rehearsal


If you’ve been following me on social media, you saw that last weekend my best friend married her long time boyfriend.  As runner up to the maid of honors 😉 those were her sisters, I was nominated to create the bow bouquet using bows from the wedding shower.

When I say bows I use that term very loosely.  They were registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and we all know the best part about shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond is you can wrap the gifts yourself.  Well, that resulted in a whole lot of ribbon.  Since many of you out there might get this same duty, I decided to share my creation with all of you.

First off, I found a lint roller.  Yep, I considered a paper towel or something similar, but I had a lint roller with just a couple of sheets left. I pulled those off and had the perfect ‘stem’ for my bow bouquet.

I then got 6 small paper plates and a whole punch and started getting to work.  I decided to not look at my beloved pinterst for ideas, so this really came straight from my mind and heart of course.

I super glued one of the paper plates to the  lint roller and placed the other plates around it like the petals on a flower. I went hole puncher crazy and started punching holes in the other plates.  I also added tape to ensure it all stayed together.  I then took the ribbon and put it through the holes on the paper plates connecting all of them.  I just kept going and going until it was all on there.  Check out the steps and final creation below.







I’d like to think the bride loved it and it was very memorable for her. 🙂

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