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Rock a Cute Ponytail

Sometimes we have those days when our hair doesn’t cooperate and will only look decent in a ponytail. The problem? Those ponytails aren’t always the cutest look. Have no fear because we’ve got the scoop on how to rock a totally cute ponytail look whether you’re heading out to shop with friends or going on a […]


Halloween Party Costume Ideas

Because Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, most of us started celebrating over the weekend. While we were having our own small parties, Just Jared through quite the Halloween bash! Almost any celebrity that you can think of attended this costume-crazy bash, and we’re here to give you the low down on the best […]


Best Plum Nail Polish Colors for Fall

As the leaves start changing colors on the trees, we need to start changing up the colors on our nails. One of the hottest new fall trends is sporting plum or burgundy colors! These colors will totally vamp up your style and are perfect for the season. Here are a few nail polish colors to […]


Makeup Tips for Every Eye Color


We want to make sure that you look your best, and it’s important to know how to properly wear makeup to achieve that goal. If you’ve ever stared wide-eyed at a palette of eye shadow wondering what colors would look best on you, the freak-outs stop here. Certain color combinations look best on specific eye […]


Tips for Second-Day Hair

Let’s face it: sometimes we’re lazy and just want to keep our same hairstyle for days. Sadly, factors like grease and embarrassment get in the way. There are exceptions, though; many second-day hairstyles can look even better than the first day. As long as you wash your hair on the third day, your grease problem […]


Best Makeup Artists On YouTube

It’s a new year, which means that it’s time to change up your typical makeup routine and experiment. We know that it can be difficult to figure out what would look best on your features, but there are tons of tutorials out there that will steer you in the right direction. But, how do you […]